Former President Donald Trump has called on his successor, President Joe Biden, to ‘resign in disgrace’ as President, after the Taliban gained swift control over Afghanistan after President Biden withdrew large numbers of US troops from the region.

His comments came in the form of an e-mail to his supporters, as he called for the President to resign over his handling of the crisis, as well as his handling of other home-based crisis’ as well.

The e-mail comes after the former President was spotted exclusively by The Daily Mail arriving at Trump Tower in New York City on Sunday afternoon.

Trump’s comments

Former President Trump’s comments come after the Taliban gained control of key cities across Afghanistan, including the fall of the capital of Kabul.

Previously, President Biden had pledged to withdraw all US troops from the nation before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, yet he has now sent another 5,000 soldiers to aid in the evacuation.

Trump’s first statement on Sunday criticized the current President, calling for him to ‘resign in disgrace’ over his handling of the Afghan crisis.

He also stated that Biden should leave his post as President for his handling of Covid-19 surges, the southern border crisis as well as the ‘destruction of our energy independence and a crippled economy.’

Trump also released another short statement to his followers, highlighting his previous arguments before asking the people ‘do you miss me yet?’

His comments come after he was snapped entering the Trump Tower in New York City.


On Sunday afternoon, the Taliban faced little resistance as they gained control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

The co-founder of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was declared as the new President of Afghanistan by the Taliban from the Presidential Palace in Kabul, with the terror organisation announcing the end of the ’20-year Western occupation.’

Baradar fought in the Soviet-Afghanistan war during the 1980s and helped found the Taliban in 1994 during the nation’s civil war, before gaining control of the country two years later.

Numerous sources and spokespersons for the Taliban have declared that the war in the country is over, and the Western occupation has also come to an end.

Others have stated that there will be ‘no revenge taken’ against Afghan citizens who aided allied forces in the 2001 invasion, yet they refused to allow any citizens to flee the country.

Evacuations of various embassies, including the UK and the US, have already begun, with 16,000 diplomats, staff, and translators set to be rescued.

Pictures of US helicopters rescuing citizens from atop the US embassy have been compared to images released after the 1975 Fall of Saigon, which followed after an embarrassing defeat for the US in Vietnam.