The standards of Twitter have been called into question, and its potential political bias raised once again, after sharp-eyed users pointed out that an account belonging to a high-profile Taliban spokesperson has remained active, while the account of former President Donald Trump has remained permanently suspended.

The account in question belongs to Zabihullah Mujahid, a prominent spokesperson for the Taliban who has been repeatedly cited by many major news networks in the region and in the West.

The account is not verified, yet it has close to 280,000 and has tweeted out regular updates regarding the advances of the terror group.

A politician from France, Jerome Riviere, was one of the first to point of Twitter’s hypocrisy, tweeting out that the company continues to ban Trump in the name of ‘freedom and democracy,’ yet still allows the Taliban to use the platform.

The hypocrisy of Twitter

Twitter suspended, before eventually permanently banning, the @realDonaldTrump account that belonged to President Joe Biden’s predecessor, back in 2020 after the January 6th riots at Capitol Hill.

Twitter accused then-President Trump of inciting the violence, before announcing on January 8th of this year that the former President’s 80 million follower account will be banned permanently, claiming that keeping the account active would ‘increase the risk of further incitement of violence.’

However, accounts that belong to members of the Taliban, who have recently gained control of Afghanistan in an actual insurrection, have remained active and continue to tweet updates regarding their coup.

The Taliban initially ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, killing thousands of their own people in the process and restricting the basic human rights of women in the nation.

After the capture of Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban promised that they will take ‘no revenge’ on those who aided the allied invasion back in 2001, however, numerous reports have claimed that Taliban fighters have been pulling people from their homes and executing them on the streets.

Kabul is now in turmoil, with thousands of Afghani’s attempting to flee the country to avoid the reign of terror that the Taliban are set to impose on their people.

President Biden has faced heavy criticism for his withdrawal in the region, and for his lack of response after he remained in Camp David on Sunday as the capital fell.

Amongst those critics were former President Trump, who called for his successor to ‘resign in disgrace’ for his action, or lack of action, regarding the current Afghanistan crisis.

The Twitter accounts of all high-profile Taliban members still remain active.