As the radical Islamist Taliban has conquered Afghanistan’s capital – courtesy of disastrous Democrat President Joe Biden – thousands of Afghans still desperately hoping to escape their likely bloody revenge have flocked to the city’s international airport-controlled American forces evacuating US embassy personnel.

This has resulted in apocalyptic scenes with people frantically trying to climb and cling to evacuating military airplanes, and the US troops being forced to clear the airfield by force.

Apocalypse now in Afghanistan

About 6,000 American troops are defending Kabul airport from terrorists as the Taliban has established control over almost all of the city of five million people.

In the frays on Monday, US forces shot and killed at least two armed Afghan men who were in the crowd trying to get on a plane evacuating American citizens, according to a source from the Department of Defense cited by CBS.

Earlier on Monday, frenzied civilians stormed on the runway a US Air Force CR-17 jet evacuating both American citizens and Afghan refugees.

Many of these wretched, desperate Afghans clung to the engines of the departing plane, and three were filmed as they fell down to their deaths.

Images from inside one of the evacuation flights – believed to be the same plane from which the three stowaways fell – showed American citizens seated next to each other with room in between them.

This led US forces to clear the airfield using Apache helicopters, and firing warning shots in order to disperse the desperate crowds.

The evacuation flights were resumed 90 minutes later.

‘One of the most shameful’ commanders-in-chief

Meanwhile, as the hellish evacuation apocalypse was unfolding at Kabul Airport, Sleepy Joe Biden was nowhere to be found in the public space to make any sort of a comment or statement for the grave political disaster he caused for the US, not to mention the horrific humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan where tens of millions of people are again subject to the barbaric medieval rule of the radical Islamist Taliban.

Biden is “in hiding” at Camp David, this much has been made clear by the White House, which on Sunday posted on Twitter a pathetic picture of the lonely Democrat President in his conference room in the luxury presidential retreat as he was video conferencing with the other foreign policy “geniuses” from his national security staff.

A statement sent out by the White House on Biden’s behalf on Saturday showed he misleadingly put the blame for his own calamity on President Donald Trump – with The New York Post quickly exposing the clueless Democrat President’s allegations as a complete “lie.”

Biden’s statement is so outrageous that The Wall Street Journal described it as “one of the most shameful” statements in history by a commander-in-chief in a tragic moment of American retreat’.

After on Sunday, the Taliban declared victory in the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan from the presidential palace in Kabul, Monday videos showed them in the empty chamber of the Afghan parliament.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, America’s closest ally, also spoke critically of Biden and his administration, stating that their decision to withdraw the US forces “accelerated” the crisis in Afghanistan which now risks turning into an “a breeding ground for terror.”

That is just what Afghanistan was prior to 2001, which culminated in the 9/11 terrorist attacks – but apparently, all thought is lost inside the sleepy head of Joe Biden and his increasingly more-anti-American administration.