Sleepy Joe Biden has found a great time to hide in the presidential retreat at Camp David as he is executing the surrender of Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban – with many around the world wonder why he is laying low, and President Donald Trump calling upon him to resign over the incredible debacle.

Lone Biden in a lone conference room

As the Taliban on Sunday won the 20-year-old war in Afghanistan thanks to Biden’s decision to abandon it as a seemingly highly incompetent, dishonest, and undignified commander-in-chief, the Democrat president was lambasted even by friendly fire from the liberal leftist mainstream media for “going on vacation.”

He and his wife Jill conveniently left for Camp David on Friday and are scheduled to remain at the retreat until Wednesday – just in time for the chaos in Kabul to unravel completely as the Taliban is rejoicing and the US and other foreign personnel and Afghan aides are being airlifted.

In the meantime, ordinary Afghans in the capital – including countless refugees who thought it might hold off the Taliban – were left scrambling to hide – with nowhere to hide.

The most reassuring thing Biden’s team managed to come up with on Sunday was to tweet a pathetic photo of the lonely Sleepy Joe taking notes in his Camp David conference room while video conferencing with his national security team.

The scope of America’s humiliation and defeat perpetrated by Biden and his leftist aides for no apparent reason is unprecedented, and only comparable to the 1975 humiliation in Saigon after the end of the Vietnam War.

Against that backdrop, videos have resurfaced from Biden’s press conference on July 8, just weeks ago, in which he sought to assure the American public there wasn’t going to be another “Saigon rooftop” rescue fiasco, and claiming that the Afghan government and military were able to tackle the Taliban on their own.

They might have been – had it not been for the extremely botched Biden pullout that amounted to total abandonment.

‘There was no reason for this,’ Trump says

In this situation, President Donald Trump on Sunday called on Biden to resign.

Trump told The New York Post that he “wanted to get out” of Afghanistan but that had to be achieved “with respect.”

Trump made it clear that his plan to withdraw – which got obstructed by the same generals that now approved Biden’s disastrous plan – provided for evacuating all civilians first, not the other way around, for extracting all US military equipment, and destroying US bases to prevent them from falling in Taliban hands.

Besides that, however, POTUS 45 made it clear he had a working relationship with the Taliban, they were aware “they weren’t allowed to do this” because otherwise America would have “hit them like [never] before.”

Instead, under Biden, the Taliban “no longer has fear” for America, Trump pointed out.

He described the defeat in Afghanistan as a “terrible black eye” for the United States, which has been turned by Biden into “a laughingstock,” with “the whole world” watching in disbelief.

“And there was no reason for it,” Trump stated, which might be the single most important bit in his scathing criticism.

Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo corroborated his account, saying that the Taliban were aware that “we were going to go crush them” if they deviated even a step from any agreement.

In world politics, it’s all about credibility, and while President Trump projected that in all policy areas, Sleepy Joe Biden lost it for America before the eyes of the world with the disaster his and his leftist aides caused in Afghanistan.