Catastrophic Democrat President Joe Biden decided to present the country of Afghanistan to the radical Islamist, al-Qaeda-affiliated Taliban movement on the occasion of the 20th anniversary since the 9/11 terrorist attacks – and has just delivered to the dismay of the whole world.

Apart from humiliating the United States of America, the greatest power the world has ever known, and casting tremendous doubt over its credibility, Biden’s present to the Taliban has raised some questions as to how the latter is going to rule Afghanistan.

The answer appears extremely evident and self-explanatory, with the Taliban seemingly very likely to institute the same kind of insane medieval radical Islamist regime as they had between 1996 and 2001, when they helped al-Qaeda’s growth spurt out of control, in which all will be ruled by Sharia law, and women will be relegated to the role of nothing more than sex slaves and breeding mares.

However, some vague wording coming out of the Taliban – even as the radical Islamists themselves appeared surprised to receive Biden’s gift – have then seeking to portray themselves as at least somewhat tolerant.

Take a call and quiz the Taliban – but what’s the use as you give them a propaganda op?

Part of the Taliban’s current propaganda effort seems to have been a somewhat bizarre, unexpected BBC life on-air call made on Sunday by Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen to anchor Yalda Hakim.

Hakim, who is an Australian of Afghan origin, has been widely praised for keeping her cool during the unplanned conversation and even for “grilling” the Taliban official for 30 minutes – although the fact of the matter is that taking the conversation was also a nice propaganda opportunity for the radical Islamists seeking to project a deeply fake image of tolerance and acceptance of others.

Those, of course, have come against the backdrop of chilling reports that in newly conquered parts of the country Taliban fighters have been apportioning among themselves all young women and girls as young as 12 to use as sex slaves, and tarring the faces of men they deem hostile and dragging them through the streets.

BBC News host Yalda Hakim was on the air on Sunday when her mobile phone rang while a call from Suhail Shaheen, the spokesman of the Taliban.

She reacted by putting her phone at a microphone so that her conversation with Shaheen can be heard by the views.

Shaheen immediately claimed victory for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

He then claimed that there’s shouldn’t “any confusion” about the Taliban’s intentions as they captured Kabul – deceitfully vowing that the properties and lives of the capital’s residents “are safe.”

The radical Islamist official also promised there won’t be any “revenge on anyone” – which is hard to believe considering the hours of footage showing desperate Afghans trying to flee the country at Kabul Airport.

At the time, Shaheen was also still insisting that there will be a “peaceful transfer of power” – which wasn’t so much the case since the Taliban eventually just entered Kabul and there was nobody to transfer the power to them, with the Afghan government having collapsed in no time.

Not to worry – early medieval Islamist judges will decide on limb removals

The Taliban spokesman revealed – as though it was any kind of a secret – that the Taliban are going to restore Sharia law with an Islamic government.

And he shyly abstained from ruling out the great likelihood that they will restore – not that they ever stopped using them – their brutal methods of rule such as carrying out public executions and removing limbs of the wretched souls who end up in their nasty hands.

Shaheen did say only that it was “up to the judges” and “the laws” – referring to the early medieval Islamist “justice” system the Taliban already had in place in Afghanistan before America wiped their murderous regime off the map in 2001.

In his words, the judges in question will be appointed based on “the law of the future government.”

Since the conversation, in which the Taliban official got to project globally the movement’s deceptive propaganda globally, anchor Yalda Hakin got lots of praise on social media.

38-year-old Hakim was born in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in 1983 and was smuggled to Pakistan by her parents with the help of human smugglers when she was 6 months old.

After 3 years in Pakistan, the family managed to immigrate to Australia, settling in Sydney where she earned a journalism degree from Macleay College.

She worked for Australian public television SBS before joining BBC in 2013 and has covered her native Afghanistan, including by interviewing then-President Hamid Karzai.