After single-handedly granting the radical Islamist al-Qaeda buddies from the Taliban a swift and painless takeover of Afghanistan ahead of the 20th year since 9/11, the Biden administration is now expected to bring to America tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the next few days as it keeps evacuating US citizens via the airport in the capital Kabul.

Create the massacre threat – then nobly save some of the victims

The world watched in horror how Sleepy Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban, with the Afghan government and military collapsing on Sunday, with chilling videos showing countless Afghans flocking to the airport to seek rescue from the upcoming bloody Islamist crackdown.

In this case, the reported intention of the Biden administration to save numerous people from rape, massacre, and sex slavery might almost come off as noble – if one somehow forgets that the radical leftist Marxists dominating the increasingly senile Democrat president are the real reason for this calamity.

That is not even to mention that the Biden administration would happily bring countless migrants from Third World countries and resettle them inside America – after all, it has been doing that at the rate of 200,000 a month – stimulating any way it can the illegal crossings of the US-Mexican border.

So it might as well as take in lots of Afghans as well – at least for them there would be a good reason – they would be actual refugees facing a deadly threat – again, courtesy of Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat gang.

The perfect storm – triple strike!

Up to 30,000 Afghan refugee applicants for Special Immigration Visas (SIV) could be brought to America in the “immediate future,” Fox News reported on Monday, citing documents that it managed to obtain from the Department of Defense.

If they arrive, the Afghan refugees would be housed at US military bases such as Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

The documents in question say that Afghan SIV applicants might be brought to temporary housing locations in the US as they are still getting “vetted for parolee status.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News the Biden administration would like to bring “several thousand immediately” and be ready for “tens of thousands.”

Kirby said forts Bliss and McCoy do “have the capability right now” for that, and their housing capacity could be augmented shortly.

The DOD spokesman also said that in conducting the flying-out evacuations from Kabul, US citizens aren’t going to get priority over Afghans applying for SIV – because why would they?

After all, illegal immigrants from Central America have been prioritized far and wide over actual American citizens – especially if they happen to be patriots – so why would the Afghans be any different.

Kirby just summarized that the Biden administration is just going to concentrate on “getting people out of the country” that Biden ruined.

He declared that the US troops in Kabul are in charge of “air traffic control” there, and when their full deployment is reached, there will be a total of 6,000 US boots on the ground around the airport.

Of America’s allies – who were also utterly taken aback by the Biden fiasco, Canada has vowed to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees, while European countries are still considering the situation.

So Biden and his liberal leftist gang have created the perfect storm in Afghanistan: first, abandon it and avoid responsibility; second, hand it to the Taliban and humiliate America before the world; third, under the pretext of saving those that you doomed to slaughter, airlift tens of thousands of more Third World migrants and resettle them inside America.

Now that’s what the wannabe Marxist totalitarians call killing three birds with one stone – as they are working to kill America itself – slowly but surely.