Democrat President Joe Biden isn’t just sleepy and senile anymore, or just impudent, or just hypocritical, or just unavailable and hiding from reporters and the public, or just incompetent and lying – he has proven capable of being all those things simultaneously – as he demonstrated with a speech he read out on Monday which was just as disastrous as the disaster he caused for America in Afghanistan.

Biden was in hiding at the Camp David residence for several days as he single-handedly allowed the Taliban to capture all of Afghanistan, a victory sealed on Sunday with the all-out collapse of the Afghan government and the radical Islamists’ takeover of the capital Kabul.

As international shock and dismay and domestic outrage over the ridiculously botched US pullout carried out by the Biden administration have been mounting, on Monday Sleepy Joe showed up back at the White House to read out a shameful 20-year speech, and only to disappear again without taking any reporters’ questions.

Blame the Afghans after Trump

In the speech he read out, Biden defied all well-justified criticism of his Afghanistan fiasco coming ever from the ranks of his own, the liberal leftist mainstream media in the US, blamed the catastrophe solely on the Afghans – after blaming it on President Donald Trump on two days ago, and demonstrated an extremely flawed logic of America’s global foreign and security policy goals and commitments.

Biden had the cheek to declare that he stands “squarely behind” his decision about the Afghanistan pullout.

He justified it by saying that during the course of the 20-year US war effort in Afghanistan – whose hard-gained progress he just managed to erase completely – he had learned “the hard way” that there could never be “good time to withdraw U.S. forces.”

What a great logic – so let’s just do it, regardless of the consequences, and in the most botched way possible.

Apparently oblivious to the weakness and debilitating factors of Afghanistan’s institutions in a tribal and heavily religious society and the fact that vowing a complete pullout would doom them to collapse, Biden – along with his administration and aides who crafted his speech – arguing deceptively that the fiasco is solely the fault of the Afghans.

While he didn’t admit any of his own plentiful mistakes, the Sleepy Democrat Joe did at least admit that the collapse of the Afghan government “did unfold” faster than “we had anticipated.”

He wrongly justified his abject failure in preserving America’s progress in the Central Asian country by arguing the blame lies solely with the Afghan political leaders who fled the country, and the Afghan military which collapsed “without trying a fight.”

Afghanistan’s purely civil war is

Biden argued that the US “cannot and should not be” fighting and dying in a war Afghan forces don’t wish “to fight for themselves,” yet again, ignoring the fact – faced with a fanatical, intimidating and propaganda-savvy enemy such as the Taliban, the Afghan government and military were doomed the moment they and that enemy learned the US was pullout out in full, with no further return and support options.

Biden also arrogantly and ruthlessly read out a rhetorical question on how many more generations of US service personnel would have had to go fight in “Afghanistan’s civil war,” a weak liberal leftist and Marxist argument as, since 9/11, the situation in Afghanistan stopped being a “civil war” and never will once again be just that.

Instead, with al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups seeking a revival, the “civil war” in Afghanistan has been a crucial international war for America’s security.

According to Biden, however, defending America’s national security through forward positioning as in Afghanistan, is “not in the national interest of the United States.”

However, bestowing the country to the Taliban as a gift for the 20th anniversary since 9/11 seems to be.

After he simply read out his speech from the East Room of the White House, Biden just left even though reporters were shouting out their questions.

Twenty minutes later he left to go back to the presidential retreat of Camp David, Maryland.

The best assessment for Biden’s tragic policies and impudent speech came from no one else but President Donald Trump.

In an emailed statement, Trump tried to explain to Sleepy Joe that the greatest problem with his fiasco isn’t that the US left Afghanistan but “the grossly incompetent way we left!”