Duplicity is one of the key rules of the game for liberal leftists such as the Democrats, and they love that rule and skillfully play around with it – and the latest textbook example of that has become a pathetic live TV address by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on how he keeps doing the right thing in the scandal with his sexual predator brother, New York’s outgoing Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo’s appeal to the dwindling viewership of the paramount liberal leftist and Marxist propaganda network can be summed up in a nutshell as follows: he has been doing what he has had to be doing.


Never mind that he was deep in duplicitous s*** when he apparently advised his pervert brother on how to try to stifle the scandal with his sexual harassment of multiple women – this much is clear from the 165-page special investigation report by the NY AG office.

Never mind also that in his address he seems to be lying about that, and that he got into more duplicitous s*** by throwing his big bad perv bro under the bus – finally criticizing him in public, regardless of how fake and theatrical the criticism was.

No word of resigning from the propaganda machine of CNN because of his conflict of interests to which he referred but denied he actually played out on it.

Humor him because it just ain’t easy, that’s all

For a long, long time now, morals haven’t been what’s expected of Democrat liberal leftists in genera,l so in the 21st-century hate-America Marxist universe it seems alright to first back up your pervert big shot politician brother, and then when he finally gets forced to resign, to claim you didn’t do anything wrong and criticize him.

In his goody-goody, nearly tearful live TV address on Monday, Cuomo Jr. slyly used rhetoric about how there are people who’ve been hurt and he wants them to be alright “blah-blah”, just to portray himself as compassionate and water down the topic.

Compassionate he is alright – he probably was also advising his pervert governor brother out of compassion.

It’s just that before Chris Cuomo had compassion for Andrew Cuomo, and, now, allegedly, for the latter’s victims.

Chris then complained how hard he’s had it in the mainstream media business as he comes “from a political family.”

Next came a dysfunctional tirade about how “everyone knows you support your family” – but evidently you also try to not convey that in public.

Chris Cuomo then touted as his grandest achievement how he never reported on the story about the sexual harassment scandals surrounding his brother – and don’t forget the COVID-19 nursing homes scandal because he couldn’t be “objective.”

Not that anybody expects anything coming out of CNN to be “objective” – but let’s humor the pretty boy for his tearful theatrical face.

It is little wonder anyway that Chris didn’t report on Andrew’s situation – because he would’ve had to report on his own role in advising the disgrace of a New York governor on how to discredit the allegations of the women the latter groped.

Throwing big bad bro under the bus with a ‘scandal’ admission

Instead of that, however, contrary to the New York Attorney General’s Office report, Chris Cuomo insisted in his live TV address that he kept urging his love-deprived brother to “own what you did” and then to resign.

The latter of course must have been only when the ship finally started sinking because of the special investigation and impeachment talks.

Chris Cuomo further claimed he never tried to influence CNN’s anyway scant coverage of the scandals about his brother.

He admitted he “communicated” “with my brother’s aides” – as the NY AG report reveals – because he declared that in May CNN told him to stop doing, and “I stopped and I meant it.”

Baby bro Chris also admitted he is “a brother to a politician in a scandal” – the part of throwing big bro Cuomo under the bus now to save his own CNN job – saying that was a “unique situation.”

Not much is left to be said after the pathetic tirade – other than the Cuomo brothers seem highly skilled at spinning, engineering, cooking their own “truth” anyway they like, and at using the mainstream media leftist propaganda machine to propagate it.