By now the liberal leftist Democratic Party can establish and run single-handedly a full-fledged “Hypocrisy University” – and their academics and extracurriculars will be super rich, too, as they keep pulling off newer and fresher hypocrisy tricks and examples.

A cool new one is from one of the slightly lesser-known but just as obnoxious members of the radical leftist and Marxist “Squad” group within the Democrat members of the US House of Representatives, namely, Ayanna Pressely.

Pressley, a Democrat Representative from Massachusetts in her second term, is in the same dirty half-dozen as the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar – and there is a reason for that.

Apparently, she, too, is passing the monstrous hypocrisy requirement to be a “Squad” member.

NOT leading by example, of course!

In recent months, Pressley has become famous – or, rather, infamous – as an advocate for the cancelation of rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Except financial information she has filed reveals that her family rakes in thousands of dollars of rent per year.

However, don’t make her out to be a saint just yet because her supposedly noble intentions aren’t exactly so – as is always the case with radical leftist Marxists and communists – because Pressley is of course vehemently advocating for the federal government, i.e. the American taxpayer, to foot everybody’s rental bill.

According to the Massachusetts congresswoman’s financial disclosure, which was filed on Friday, cited by Fox News, she and her husband received significant rental income in 2020 – as apparently she didn’t wish to lead by example and cancel the rent of her own tenants.

Thus, Pressley’s family made between $5,000 and $15,000 in rent from a property in Boston registered in the name of her husband.

According to her financial disclosure, after it was bought, the property in question was transformed into a multi-family apartment.

She disclosed the same amount of rental income for 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, clearly indicating that she didn’t exactly let her family’s tenants enjoy the property rent-free.

And, yet, Pressley has incessantly been one of the most vocal proponents of rent-free living because of COVID-19.

Communism 101: Let the government pay your rent. Indefinitely

As early as December 2020, she tweeted that Congress and the federal government “must cancel rent” as well as prolong the moratoriums on eviction and foreclosure, and “provide rental assistance.”

In March 2021, Pressley introduced in the House a bill that would have canceled all rent and mortgage payments throughout the US.

At the time she argued that the US government “must take every measure possible” to “forgive all rental debt” and protect the credit scores of families affected financially by the pandemic.

And there might have been some merit in such ideas, especially if they were considered on a temporary, crisis-period basis, in terms of moderate payment delays, Pressley’s draft bill provided for the federal government to reimburse landlords for rent that doesn’t get paid during the pandemic.

That is in essence “Communism 101” – and a Senior Seminar of Hypocrisy, in the Democrats’ Hypocrisy University.

Because the likes of Pressley never lead by example but instead wish to mooch off the government – until the Marxism-suppressed population stops producing added value and the economy and the country collapse the same way the former Soviet Union did.