The enormous majority of all Americans and an even greater share of the Republican voters are unhappy with Democrat President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan and with the horrendously botched way he executed it, a new poll shows.

The results from the poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action were resulted on Monday, a day after the radical Islamist Taliban movement, an al-Qaeda ally since before 9/11, completely reconquered Afghanistan.

And it was only able to do that because Biden allowed it to, squandering 20 years of American cash, blood, and tears sunk there to make hard-gained progress towards fighting terrorism and rebuilding the failed state that the country was – and is evidently once again going to be.

The survey, with a margin of error of 2.98 percentage points, was conducted among a total of 1,084 on August 14-15 – even shortly before the airing of gut-wrenching images of Afghans trying to escape the Taliban by clinging to evacuating US military planes and then falling from the skies to their deaths.

It demonstrates a tremendous level of disapproval of Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco, transcending party affiliation, ethnicity, age, and gender.

The poll found that 69.3% of the respondents strongly disapproved or just disapproved of Biden’s decision to exit Afghanistan completely – and of the shocking events resulting from that; only 23.1% said they approved.

The disapproval among Republican voters is 88.8% vs. an approval rate of only 7.1%, while for the Democratic Party supporters the disapproval rate is 48.2%.

As the Afghanistan disaster unraveled, Sleepy Joe Biden was in hiding at the presidential residence in Camp David, Maryland, making no public comments whatsoever for days – the only sign of him being alive and potentially aware of the situation being a lonesome photo tweeted by the White House on Sunday in which the Democrat president was seen video conferencing with his national security team.

The results from the poll, which are devastating for Biden and his liberal leftist Democratic Party, were made public shortly after on Monday, the supposed “leader” of the Free World did briefly pop out of oblivion, only to read out a speech defying the public outrage.

During what was supposed to be a “press conference” Biden didn’t take any reporters’ question – despite the journalists shouting them out to get his attention – for fear of pulling another “Biden” gaffe and/or demonstrating more senility.

Instead, Biden obnoxiously doubled down on defending his fiasco and shifted all blame to the Afghans – when it had been abundantly clear that a stark American abandonment as the one he instituted – would cause their shaky institutions and military to crumble immediately.

After he managed to get through the readout of the speech prepared by his aides, Biden nimbly ducked out of the East Room of the White House and left back for the isolation and comfort of Camp David.

So if the above-mentioned poll was carried out today, Biden’s Afghanistan disapproval would likely have been closer to 100%.