The administration of Democrat President Joe Biden has not only voluntarily surrendered Afghanistan in the hands of the radical Islamist Taliban that the United States fought for 20 years, but it has become so pathetic that it can’t even “guarantee” that American citizens that might be stuck in the Central Asian country past August 31 would be evacuated.

This much has become clear from Tuesday’s press conference of Biden’s repugnant and cheeky White House press secretary Jen Psaki – who as a rule doesn’t know squat about anything, her only job been to advance the propaganda of the Democrats’ anti-American liberal leftist and Marxist agenda.

August 31 is the by now meaningless deadline set by Sleepy Joe Biden for the withdrawal of all American forces from the republic of Afghanistan – except it now means nothing after on Sunday the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban reconquered the country, making clear their plans to establish the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

The only remotely constructive move, if any, that the Biden administration could come up with – but one which still contributed to America’s global humiliation from the loss of the war without a fight – has been the deployment of 6,000 US troops to control the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul to evacuate thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghan refugees.

Focus on fleeing – and Biden can’t promise even that!

For the time being, however, it remains unclear how long the evacuation would continue, and in her press briefing on Tuesday, Biden’s press secretary refused to answer the question what could happen to any Americans that might still be stuck in Afghanistan after the pullout deadline of August 31.

Instead of giving at least come clarity to demonstrate that the US government is somehow still call the shots – at least evacuation-wise – Psaki told reporters that the administration’s focus “right now” is on the “work at hand” and “the task at hand.”

She thus refused to give an evacuation guarantee to all American citizens in Afghanistan.

Instead, she rambled on about the “day by day” evacuation and the need for “getting as many American citizens” out of Afghanistan as possible – which hardly sounds reassuring.

Not that much else has been expected from the clueless anti-American Democrat Cabinet led by Sleepy Joe.

Psaki made it clear that the “as many as possible” evacuation approach also referred to Afghans, applicants for Special Immigration Visas (SIV) and “members of the vulnerable population,” who might be “eligible” for evacuation.

She vowed that is to be doing “in an expeditious fashion” since it is “the focus” of the entire Cabinet – that is, fleeing from a crowd of rag-wearing fanatics who’ve spent decades hiding in mountain caves from American power.

Taliban siege of the airport

Earlier on Tuesday, a White House source told Fox News that the US forces have resumed military and civilian flights out of the Kabul airport – after a suspension on Monday – with 700 people evacuated in the past 24 hours, including 150 US citizens.

Former senior DOD officials told Fox News that the Taliban have formed a ring siege around the airport and aren’t letting in anybody trying to leave the country.

Considering the unbelievably botched withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan under the Biden administration so far the American public might as well start getting highly concerned that US citizens might be abandoned in the hands of the radical Islamist murders that are the Taliban – not to mention a likely huge number of Afghans who supported America’s troops and efforts there.