New detail emerging by the hour about the gravity of the American disaster that Sleepy Joe Biden and his radical leftist administration have caused in Afghanistan are painting a grimmer and ever more shameful picture.

The abysmal Democrat president – supposedly of the US of A – has not only presented Afghanistan to the Taliban on a plate – he chose a great time to do it, too, for the 20th anniversary since 9/11.

Yet, that’s not enough so Biden and his incompetent or just vile aides made sure the US troop withdrawal is so botched that the Taliban would manage to purge all of the Afghans who helped the United States and its coalition and NATO partners in decades-long effort in the Central Asian country.

Fabulous tool for the Taliban

Apparently, the Taliban has managed to capture even the HIIDE – that is, Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment – which contains biometric data for identifying all Afghans who ever collaborated with the US and NATO forces.

Thus, Biden – who might as well serve as the chief mollah of the radical Islamist Taliban – because he sure as hell doesn’t behave as an American President – has given the murderous pro-terrorist group a fabulous tool for weeding out and exterminating anybody from Afghanistan who wanted a better future for the country other than early medieval Islamic fanaticism.

The Taliban capture of the HIIDE was reported by The Intercept, which cited an unnamed official from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), with the information confirmed by three other US military sources.

The HIIDE system contains both biographical and biometric data on US and NATO-friendly Afghans – such as fingerprints and iris scans.

With reports circulating that the Taliban liars are already going door-to-door on revenge missions to round up any West helpers – despite pledging the contrary – the Islamist murder can now just bring HIIDE devices with them and be guaranteed to purge precisely who they would like to, without missing even a single soul.

According to the report, the Taliban captured the extremely crucial equip already last week, during their push towards the capital Kabul.

The sources did caution it remains unclear how much of the biometric database on the Afghan population got compromised by the Taliban gaining access.

Nobody thought it could be captured by an enemy

A presentation from the US Army Corps of Engineers shows that HIIDE devices import a data portfolio into Biometrics Automated Toolset (BAT), which is software for identification processing, which can be cross-referenced with threat watch lists.

The Department of Defense used the HIIDE system to collect information from up to some 80% of Afghanistan’s population in order to monitor for Taliban insurgents as well as terrorists and criminals.

The biometric information gathered was also used for the Afghans’ identification cards.

According to the International Rescue Committee, over 300,000 civilian Afghans have helped the US mission in the country in the past two decades.

White The Intercept quoted a source from the US Army Special Operations as saying the Taliban doesn’t possess “the gear to use the data”, the Taliban-friendly Inter-Services Intelligence agency of neighboring Pakistan has the necessary equipment to read the HIIDE devices.

Welton Chang, a former Army intelligence officer presenting service as CTO for Human Rights First, said that hardly ever anyone in the US government considered the HIIDE system as a data privacy issue, or what impact it might have if it got in the wrong hands.

As President Donald Trump has already stated numerous times, the US could’ve stilled pulled out if the withdrawal was executed shrewdly and properly, and that would have avoided the utter humiliation and catastrophe caused by Sleepy Joe and the leftist Democrat gang.