The 25th Amendment is one that has never been used before, but over these past 8 months of 2021, it has been in the news more than ever!

The amendment, which can be triggered by the Vice-President and the Cabinet of the administration, can only be invoked if they truly believe that the serving President is no longer able to competently fulfill duties in office, and will require 2/3rds of Congress to approve the President’s removal.

In so doing, the Vice-President will then assume the office of the President of the United States.

This is what Florida and Republican Senator Rick Scott believe should happen next after the United States was completely humiliated during our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The case for the 25th

After scenes that mirrored the 1975 Fall of Saigon come out of the US Embassy in Afghanistan over the weekend, many of President Joe Biden’s critics, including former President Donald Trump, have been calling for him to leave office.

However, only one has mentioned invoking the 25th, and that was Republican Senator for Florida; Rick Scott.

Scott released a tweet on Monday that questioned the competence of the President, as well as his mental capabilities to successfully execute the duties of President of the United States.

He ended the short tweet by questioning whether or not it was time to invoke the 25th and remove President Biden from office, replacing him with Vice-President Kamala Harris.

The case for invoking the 25th is strong, with Biden’s mental capabilities being repeatedly brought into question throughout the 2020 election cycle and throughout the first year of his presidency.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan occurred in the space of almost 11 days, far quicker than the Biden administration ever predicted.

The Fall of Kabul occurred in less than 72 hours, with the Biden administration previously predicted that Kabul could hold out 3 months.

Having previously promised to withdraw all troops from the region, the President has now sent another 5,000 US soldiers into the country to assist with the evacuation.

Global commentators have criticized the President’s overall handling of the US exit from Afghanistan, with some labeling his actions as a “stain on our nation’s integrity.”

Critics also claim that the President’s rushed decision to withdraw has effectively “undone 20 years of good work and sacrifice” in the nation, with the Taliban regaining control almost 20 years after they lost it.

In an address to the nation at the start of the week, having previously been on holiday in Camp David, Biden stood by his decision, yet refused to take questions from the media before retreating back to his holiday home.