President Donald Trump on Tuesday exposed the true scope of America’s Afghanistan disaster caused by Sleepy Joe Biden and his anti-American leftist and Marxist administration – and his account is chilling as only a true national leader can truly fathom all intricacies of the debacle.

Biden has gone out of his way to pull out American forces to bestow upon the radical Islamist Taliban an incredible victory for very little cost – and has done that on the eve of the 20th anniversary since the bloody 9/11 terrorist attacks against the US perpetrated by Taliban buddies al-Qaeda.

‘The way they withdrew’ – ‘not even possible to believe’

Speaking on Fox News on Tuesday night, President Trump revealed that in 2019-2020 he had the Taliban negotiators right where he wanted them as he threatened to wipe out the home village of the chief Taliban envoy if the radical Islamists wouldn’t observe a peace deal.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that it isn’t “the concept of leaving” Afghanistan per se that has been so problematic with a clueless Biden and the Democrats but “it’s the way they withdrew.”

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has been so botched that Trump described it as being “not even possible to believe.”

With all their cheek and impudence both Sleepy ever more senile Joe and his pathetic top officials have been trying to blame their Afghan pullout disaster on the deal the Trump administration made with the Taliban.

Trump, however, explained that he had made it profoundly clear to Taliban political chief, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, what kind of consequences there were going to be if he didn’t keep the deal.

Baradar just went back to Afghanistan from Doha, Qatar, on Tuesday, and is among the favorites to lead the Taliban government.

“I told them upfront… before we start[ed]” that if they do thing such as attack Americans or are connected to an attack on US soil, they would be “hit” “with a force” not seen by any country – that Baradar’s home village would be the first target, Trump revealed.

‘Many, many times worse’ than Iranian hostage crisis

The 45th President also declared that America has never suffered “a worse humiliation” in its history – and emphasized that there are thousands of Americans – “potential Taliban hostages” – who are stuck in Afghanistan.

Trump compared Biden’s apocalyptic withdrawal chaos to the 1979-1980 hostage crisis with the Americans caught by Iran during the Islamic Revolution under another Democrat, President Jimmy Carter, which were rescued by Republican President Ronald Reagan.

However, he stressed that the Afghan pullout is “many, many times worse” – and not just because there are “thousands and thousands” Americans “very dangerously stranded in Afghanistan.

Trump went further and compared the gut-wrenching, humiliating scenes at the airport in Kabul occupied by American troops barely at the last minute with the situation in the last 1.5 years of the Trump administration.

He emphasized that the US didn’t lose a single soldier in Afghanistan in that period “because of me” and the understanding that he had with the Taliban, who knew he “wasn’t going to put up with it.”

Trump contrasted that to the scores of victims who die of violent crimes in major American cities such as Chicago and New York City.

‘A crook’ only ‘wining and dining’ with US senators

POTUS 45 also revealed he never had any faith in Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, a former professor of anthropology at Johns Hopkins University, who fled the country, allegedly with a pile of cash, as the Taliban were approaching Kabul.

Trump described him as “a crook” who only spent his time “wining and dining our senators,” thus putting them “in his pocket.”

Trump also said he had been aware the Afghan military would crumble when faced with Taliban assault if the American forces aren’t there because they were serving “for a paycheck,” and once Biden carried out his botched pullout, they just stopped fighting.

There is no question and no doubt that if Donald Trump was still in the White House, America would’ve been spared the gigantic humiliation just inflicted to it by Biden, and would’ve likely been in a stronger position than ever in Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the wider Middle East.