The radical Islamist Taliban movement, which has now conquered all of Afghanistan – courtesy of Sleepy Joe Biden – has attempted a little Islamist propaganda “charm offensive,” although anybody who is even vaguely aware of their murderous history and early medieval philosophy would never buy that.

No empty promises – just lies

Thus, in the past couple of days since the Afghan government and military crumbled, having been shockingly abandoned by the Biden administration, several Taliban spokesmen have been claiming that there will be no revenge against anybody, that women will have at least “Sharia law” rights, that nobody, including America, will be attacked from Afghan soil under their rule, and that they will allow some Afghans to make it to the airport in Kabul to be evacuated.

Even as the “moderation” promises have been raining, the opposite has been happening – and not just in the Afghan provinces where in one case a woman was killed for going out without a burqa – but also all over the capital Kabul, a city of 5-6 million people.

Photos and videos taken Tuesday showed Taliban fighters who have encircled the US-controlled Kabul airport beating women and children with sharp objects and whips in order to prevent them from reaching the airport.

One middle-aged man could be seen crying as he witnesses the brutal violence, and crowds were forced to flee in horror.

At a later moment, the Taliban even started firing into the crowd - so much for the words of Biden’s clueless National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan that the radical Islamists would provide safe passage to the airport for Afghans eligible to be saved.

There are also reports about Taliban fighters cruising around Kabul and rounding up political opponents and employees of the former government – even though some of their spokesmen announced an amnesty precisely for the said group of people.

The non-existent ‘huge difference’ from 20 years ago

One of the Taliban spokesmen, Zabihullah Mujahid, argued on Tuesday that today’s Taliban has a “huge different” from those 20 years ago that got crushed by the US military and local allies in the fall of 2001 in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks committed by their friends from al-Qaeda.

During the Taliban regime from 1996 until 2001, early medieval ways reigned supreme as women were banned from even leaving their homes without a male companion, and public executions were rampant.

According to The Daily Mail, on Tuesday already, Taliban militants were going door-to-door to capture anybody who might have collaborated with the Afghan government of military.

Fox News obtained a video showing a Taliban convoy opening fire on a city street, apparently during its search for former government workers.

During their first “post-victory” press conference on Tuesday, the Taliban representatives claimed to be “committed to the rights of women,” with the shy clarification they are referring to the said rights “under the system of Sharia law.”

Spokesman Mujahid then went on to oxymoronically declare that “there will be no discrimination” in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan – never mind that women’s role in Sharia law provides for plentiful discrimination by default.

Despite various reports to the contrary the Taliban representatives also sought to deny that their fighters have been apportioning women and girls as young as 12 as their sex slaves.

The Taliban even vowed that women will have access to education and even to higher education – which they were banned during their previous rule in the late 1990s.

The prospect remains doubtful – even though they might set it up to be technically true for demonstration and propaganda purposes.

al-Qaeda, ISIS terrorists now welcome

There are already also reports that the radical Islamist Taliban has started offering a “safe haven” to global terrorist network al-Qaeda – which was the reason the United States went in Afghanistan in the first place back in 2001.

A report by a watchdog of the Pentagon, the Lead Inspector General of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, i.e. the US mission in Afghanistan, revealed that al-Qaeda and ISIS, the other top Islamist terrorist group, are already taking advantage of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan.

A victory presented to the terrorists by radical anti-American leftists dominating the administration technically led by the semi-conscious Sleepy Joe Biden.