By this point in time, it has become pretty clear Democrat President Joe Biden isn’t just “sleepy” and seemingly senile – but he is also totally delusional.

And if anybody had any doubts about that, he has decided to prove it categorically: in spite of the horrifying footage out of Afghanistan that the entire world is watching, Biden claimed that “nobody is getting killed” at the international airport in Kabul where thousands of Afghans are trying to flee the rule of the radical Islamist Taliban.

The ramifications of Biden’s idiotic decision to completely withdraw US forces from Afghanistan at a time the Taliban were growing stronger and the Afghan government was not – coupled with the insane way in which the pullout was executed – are emerging by the minute.

Thousands and thousands of American citizens and citizens of NATO countries and other US allies cannot be evacuated, nor can thousands and thousands of Afghans trying to make it to the airport in Kabul.

The Taliban are already terrorizing the population as per their early medieval Islamist ways and laws, with numerous children, women, and men getting abused and killed.

Don’t worry, they aren’t getting killed, just pretending

At least 12 people have died only at Kabul airport in the past four days in various incidents, including shootings, falling from evacuating airplanes, and getting trampled to death.

Against the backdrop of this horror that Biden and his radicalizing leftist administration have unleashed, Sleepy and utterly delusional Joe is standing defiant of everything – not just of morals and decency, but also of truth and reality.

In a shocking interview that Biden gave for ABC News, which was aired on Wednesday and was his first since the Taliban conquered Afghanistan once again on Sunday, the Democrat President touted that the 6,000 US troops redeployed back to Kabul were steadily in control of the airport in the Afghan capital.

When asked by ABC News host George Stephanopoulos about the “pandemonium” going on outside the airport, Biden declared, “no one’s being killed right now” – much to the disbelief of America and people around the world.

As if to solidify the new evidence about his delusion, Biden added, “God forgive me” in case “I’m wrong about that,” and the reiterated the delusional claim.

Cause total disaster to pull out 2,500 troops only to send in 6,000 troops

Another one out of his many questionable comments in the interview further corroborated that he has lost touch with reality.

Biden declared plain and simple that he couldn’t “recall” his military advisers and top US commanders telling him to keep American troops presence of 2,500 service personnel in Afghanistan – which was anyway the number that had remained after President Donald Trump reduced the deployment last year.

Stephanopoulos told Biden that “your top military advisers” wanted him to keep 2,500 troops – and delusional “leader” of the Free World replied, “No, they didn’t.”

He then added that “it was split,” and “that wasn’t true,” and claimed that they “didn’t argue against” getting out “in a time frame.”

Biden clear doesn’t recall the truth – having evidently lost touch with it.

But even if his military advisers didn’t object to leaving in a time frame, at least the time frame, if nothing else, appears to have been totally wrong.

So in order to pull out the remaining 2,500 US troops right now, Biden lost Afghanistan, gave a new rise to the rag-wearing Taliban fanatics and their friends from al-Qaeda, brought indescribable humiliation to America, saw numerous Afghans killed and abused, and ended up deploying 6,000 troops – 3,500 more than were left there in the first place – not to mention the squandering of 20 years, 1 trillion dollars in funding, thousands of American lives, and the fact that all of this happened ahead of 9/11’s 20th anniversary.

What do you call that?