Sleepy Joe Biden has barely been occupying the White House for six months now, and he has already done such liberal leftist damage to the great American nation that it might take years or even decades for patriots to rectify it.

The current Afghanistan catastrophe, in which he subjugated the greatest power in the world to a few rag-wearing radical Islamist fanatics is just one of the areas in which Biden and his radicalizing Democratic Party are trying to cause irreparable damage.

Obsessed with interfering with kindergartners’ parenting

Because of that, it is no wonder that Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, who enjoys growing popularity, has just stated the obvious: that the United States is in for “rocky 3.5 years” ahead of it – of course, provided that Sleepy Joe remains in the White House for this long.

DeSantis delivered his latest devastating critical blow to Biden on Wednesday, defending his policy of banning mask mandates for children in Florida, preferring to leave the decision on whether children should be wearing COVID-19 masks to their own parents.

DeSantis spoke on Fox News’s “Hannity” talk show, after earlier on Wednesday the catastrophic Democrat President, Sleepy Joe Biden, announced in a press conference in which he took no Afghanistan questions, that was sending his education secretary with “legal actions” after DeSantis and other GOP governors over their principled opposition to mask mandates, especially in schools.

The Florida Governor couldn’t hide his dismay at how Biden could be so obsessed with the masks of kindergartners right now considering the unbelievable crises the United States is faced with in both Afghanistan and at the US-Mexican border, both of those being exact the making of the Democrat president himself and his radical leftist minions.

In his Hannity interview, DeSantis just started enumerating: Afghanistan, the Southern border illegal immigration crisis, the spiking inflation, and gas prices.

And, yet, Biden is “obsessed” with trying to use the federal government to force “kindergarteners to wear masks all day in school,” the Florida governor wondered, being unable to hide his bewilderment.

DeSantis asked further where Biden’s priorities are, and why he is so eager on his quest of “taking away parents’ rights” as he is “letting Afghanistan burn”, and letting “our border burn,” and letting many other things in America “fall to pieces.”

Joe is ‘asleep at the switch’

The governor ripped Biden for having been “asleep at the switch” on his utterly botched US military pullout from Afghanistan – which has resulted in a myriad of other horrors, but also into leaving thousands of US citizens to “fend for themselves behind enemy lines”, and into leaving billions of dollars worth of military equipment “for our enemies to just take.”

Another maybe even more decisive aspect of Biden’s current Afghanistan debacle emphasized by Ron DeSantis is the fact that America’s global and regional adversaries such Russia, China, or North Korea are rapidly learning the numerous weakness of the US commander in Chief.

The Florida Governor pointed out the likes of China and Russia see that Biden isn’t a person “capable of leading with conviction” on the world stage.

DeSantis made a grim but very logical prediction, namely, that the United States is “in for a rocky” 3.5 years with the Sleepy Joe presidency.

His foreboding is frightening considering all the horrendous damage that Biden has managed to cause to America.