After the liberal leftist administration of Sleepy Joe Biden generously bestowed Afghanistan to the Taliban in this decade’s worst foreign policy outrage, its claims that the radical Islamists are allowing at least westerners to evacuate through Kabul airport are proving complete horsesh, with a report citing eyewitnesses describing the situation as a big-time “clusterf*.”

Biden’s clusterf***

Neither westerners nor Afghan visa holders on Thursday were able to come even close to the Afghan capital’s international airport to get on an evacuation airplane, as countless locals are blocking the routes while Taliban fighters controlling checkpoints are handing out beatings and whippings at will, The Daily Mail reported.

The airport in Kabul is controlled by 6,000 US and 900 UK troops, with smaller groups of Australian and Turkish soldiers.

The report cites a former British marine, Paul “Pen” Farthing as saying that a “huge crowd of terrified locals” without the needed documents to leave are blocking the roads that citizens of western countries and Afghans with the right papers need to take to reach the airport and leave the war-torn country.

Farthing revealed last night a UN convoy transporting various foreign nationals who are NGO workers was forced to turn around because of the vast crowd, while on Thursday morning two western expats, a Brit and a Norwegian had to do the same for being unable to get through.

The Afghan crowds surrounding the airport are so desperate that mothers are passing their babies to US and UK soldiers over the barbed wire to try to save at least them from the Taliban rule.

Australian news outlet ABC cites an Australian citizen of Afghan origin as saying it is impossible to reach the airport in Kabul today because of “too many people” and “lots of firing.”

Max Sangeen, a Canadian interpreter, managed to get on a flight out but his wife and children, one of them a 20-day-old baby, could not even though they had all the paperwork.

Reports say that as Taliban fighters control the checkpoints leading to the airport, they don’t exactly have an idea who they should let through, and seem to be discharging whippings, beatings, and gunshots at random.

On top of that, according to the UN, they seem to be sifting through the crowds for Afghans who collaborated with the US and NATO forces in order to “punish” them.

Evacuation lottery

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, 18 American flights are supposed to leave Kabul on Thursday, while UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Britain evacuated 120 people earlier and 138 to follow later in the day.

Wallace claimed that the Taliban fighters are letting those with the proper papers go through the checkpoints.

According to Farthing’s account, however, nobody can reach the processing center because of the vast crowds, turning the evacuation push into a lottery, since those who are supposed to have seats on flights out can’t make it there while others get on the planes after storming the fences or getting picked at random.

Right out of nothing, Biden and his radicalizing leftist anti-American administration has managed to create not just a horrendous humiliation for Americans but an escalating humanitarian disaster whose proportions are yet to keep horrifying the US and the world.