Unfortunately, Joe Biden might not just be senile and “sleepy” – he might as well be outright deranged since right in the middle of the horrifying disaster that he just caused in Afghanistan he wants to seek “legal actions” against US state governors banning mask mandates!

America, the greatest power in the world, is reeling with humiliation, the West has its confidence ripped out, the world is watching in horror as radical Islamist murderers are whipping women and children and wannabe refugees are clinging to US evacuation plans.

Yet, the country’s disastrous Democrat President is somehow solely focusing on trying to harm anti-mask mandate governors, naturally all of the Republicans, for defending freedom.

Pretending the Afghanistan disaster doesn’t exist

Speaking at the White House on Wednesday, Sleepy Joe was awake long enough to inform the American public that he has asked Miguel Cardona, his Education Secretary, to go after those states whose governors have banned mask mandates in schools in order to leave the mask wearing decision to the children’s parents.

Biden’s remarks focused on that topic alone, and he didn’t take even a single question on Afghanistan amid the all-out evacuation quagmire in Kabul with thousands of stranded American citizens struggling to the international airport.

That against the backdrop of the State Department telling those misfortunate Americans to be in Afghanistan while having Biden as president that they “should consider” making it to the airport but that the US government is unable to “ensure safe passage” for them.

And that in a country and city just captured by radical Islamists and terrorist allies, courtesy of the anti-American evil genius of their Democrat president.

Having no shame, integrity or morals whatsoever, Biden stood up at the White House on Wednesday and blurted out more and more nonsense, claiming that he was taking “additional steps to protect our children by telling the secretary of education to take “legal actions, if appropriate” against the Republican governors over mask mandate bans.

Biden, the same president who keeps hundreds of thousands of infected illegal immigrants pouring into the US, did have the cheek to pretentiously tell the GOP governors to “get out of the way” if they “aren’t going to fight” the coronavirus pandemic.

Sleepy Joe revealed some of the actions that Cardona could take would be to squander money from the gigantic $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package passed in the spring in order to cover the payment of a local education official which might be cut by a governor who has banned a mask mandate.

‘All available tools’ to go after GOP governors

More from Biden’s nonsensical but spiteful directions to Cardona was revealed from a White House memorandum cited by Fox News.

The document says that the education secretary has to use “all available tools” to guarantee that “governors and other officials” are providing for “for the nation’s schools” a “safe return to in-person learning.”

The fact of the matter remains, however, that data is far from conclusive on how much wearing masks would have protect school children from COVID-19, or how much it might hinder their development and education.

On those grounds, many GOP governors throughout the country have decided to simply leave the crucial decision to parents instead of allowing the federal government to interfere with parental rights and responsibilities.