As America’s horrendous Democrat President humiliated the greatest power in the world with his calamitous pullout from Afghanistan bestowing the country upon the radical Islamist Taliban, he also caused great many human tragedies not just among Americans and other expats but among the most vulnerable: ordinary Afghan folks.

A total of at least 12 Afghans have perished at Kabul airport since the Taliban takeover on Sunday, according to a report by Reuters and The Daily Mail.

The deaths in question were mostly caused by trampling or gunshots, but not only.

Trampled to death with no medical aid in sight

Among the most disheartening stories has been the case of 14-year-old Marzia Rahmati, who was trampled to death in a stampede as desperate crowds were – and still are – trying to enter the US-controlled Kabul airport in order to flee to safety and freedom.

The girl’s family on Thursday released a gut-wrenching photograph of her shrouded body in order to attract global attention to the tragedy of ordinary Afghans trying to escape from the radical Islamist “paradise”, or, better yet, hell that Taliban rule promises.

Marzia Rahmati was dreaming of a new life with her family and younger sisters in neighboring Tajikistan where they were going to stay with relatives.

The family had procured visas but reaching the airport unharmed proved an insurmountable obstacle.

Marzia lost her life on Monday as the sound of gunfire caused the crowd at Kabul airport to panic and run.

The 14-year-old girl fell down and suffered numerous internal injuries getting trampled by the unruly crowd.

The girl’s 28-year-old aunt Zakia Ahmadi revealed the devastation of the family and said they wanted to let the world know what is going on in Afghanistan right now.

She disclosed part of the overwhelming reasons the Rahmati family wanted to flee Afghanistan was the fact that they wanted their daughter to continue to study, and thought that wouldn’t be possible under the radical Islamist rule of the Taliban.

Marzia’s parents Fatima and Mustafa were protecting their younger boy and girl when the stampede started, while their elder daughter got separated from them and was trampled.

She was still alive when her father finally found her but he had to carry her for a long time before any medical help could be reached, and she died in hospital from internal bleeding.

Crushed at the wheel’s well

In another, no less devastating case of a young Afghan life being lost, promising 19-year-old soccer player Zaki Anwari tried to cling to the wheels of a US evacuation plane.

He chose to die a horrible death rather than live under Taliban rule.

Anwari’s crushed body was discovered in the C-17 jet’s wheel well only when the evacuation aircraft landed hours later and thousands of miles away, in Qatar, on Monday.

Before his remains were identified, shocking footage of the landing airplane with part of his body swinging made it to international media.

Anwari was a member of Afghanistan’s national soccer team.

He was one of several completely desperate Afghans who perished trying to cling to the US evacuation aircraft – the others found their death by falling from the skies shortly after the plane took off.

The Daily Mail writes that these horrifying scenes are likely to become “the defining image” of “Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Anwari’s death was corroborated on Thursday by Afghanistan’s General Directorate of Physical Education & Sports, as cited by Arian News.

The young man attended a French-speaking high school in Kabul and has been a member of Afghanistan’s youth national soccer team since age 16.

On Tuesday, the US Air Force had announced an investigation into the aircraft takeoff that led to the deaths of Anwari and several others men.

The plan in question was impounded to collect Anwari’s remains and inspect them before returning them to flying status.

Marzia Rahmati and Zaki Anwari are just two of the countless souls from around the world caused to endure great suffering by the disastrous actions of an increasing senile Democrat occupant of the White House.