Politicians do love to spin the truth and present reality through the lens of their own wishful thinking but there are some boundaries of reason to that kind of behavior.

With liberal leftists and especially with Sleepy Lying Joe Biden there don’t seem to be any.

Now that Biden has surrendered the entire country of Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban movement without a fight, squandering a 20-year-long US war and reconstruction effort, and doing that on the eve of the 20th year since 9/11, the Democrat president and the other leftist lackeys are at a loss as to how they possibly justify that disgrace.

Not just US allies who also went to great lengths to back America in Afghanistan but the entire world watched in disbelief the Taliban reconquest of Afghanistan over the week.

Now the world is watching once again in disbelief as Biden has taken to lying shamelessly and contradicting his own words from recently in order to defend his fiasco instead of owning up to it

That’s alright, they fell from the sky 4-5 days ago

Biden’s first interview on the Afghanistan catastrophe came on Wednesday, as he has been hiding from the public at Camp David, was given to leftist outlet ABC News on Wednesday.

In it, Biden brazenly declared that he couldn’t see any scenario in which a US pullout from Afghanistan wouldn’t have resulted in the same kind of “chaos”, collapse and defeat as the one the world is witnessing.

Biden’s answers in the interview piled one outrage on top of the other: he looked as though he is pleasantly surprised by the fact that the Taliban radicals are allowing American citizens to evacuate from Kabul.

The only difficulty that he admitted was getting the Taliban to let go of Afghans who helped the American military during the 20-year-long war.

To make matters worse, the Democrat President snapped back at ABC host George Stephanopoulos when the latter asked him about the videos from Monday showing Afghans falling from the sky to their deaths as they were clinging to the wheels of evacuation planes.

What Biden arrogantly did there was to brush off the horrifying images by hitting back that they were from four or five days ago – they were from two days ago although that is nowhere near the main point.

Sleepy Joe further alleged that top intelligence officials told him Kabul was going to survive at least until the end of 2021 before falling to the Taliban – even though it turned out to withstand the radical Islamists’ advance for only about 10 days.

‘Disgraceful’ ‘ball-faced lie’

Biden’s disgraceful interview was met with devastating criticism.

Former South Carolina GOP Governor and former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, declared his “shameful” answers “a slap in the face” to thousands of American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan.

She blasted him also for failing to take any responsibility for the chaos he caused, and also for demonstrating no urgency – although, in all fairness, the latter is hard to do for an elderly, senile person.

Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton ripped Biden for being “impotent” and “dishonest” with his “bald-faced lie” that the pullout could not have resulted in a different outcome, while Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney said the Democrat president was nothing less than “ignorant.”