Democrat President Joe Biden’s apparent incompetence and seeming senility are more and more intertwining into a perfect storm of causing increasing damage to America while increasingly losing any kind of touch with reality.

Perhaps that hasn’t been evident anywhere more than it has been with his catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan which has humiliated America and reduced its international credibility to junk.

After he just claimed earlier this week that “no one’s getting killed” at Kabul airport where desperate refugees from the radical Islamist Taliban have been getting shot dead and trampled in stampedes, Biden on Friday gave a new delusional speech asserting that America’s reputation and credibility are all good!

Never mind the havoc he has single-handedly wreaked in Afghanistan, squandering thousands of lives, a trillion dollars of US taxpayers, and hard-gained progress against international Islamist terrorism.

He’s unbelievably out of it

Biden’s much-anticipated new speech on Afghanistan wasn’t horrendous only in content but in form, too, as it started nearly 1 late, and – while it was remarkable because he did indeed take questions from reporters – he only did so from journalists from a pre-approved list.

Because Lord knows he might say something irresponsible, delusional, senile, or stupid – or all of the above, as he invariably does.

While the main message from Biden’s speech was supposed to be his commitment to evacuating from Afghanistan everybody – meaning all US citizens and Afghan allies to the US – that quickly got eclipsed precisely by his being painfully out of touch with reality, being delusionally oblivious of the self-denigrating damage he just cased to the standing of the greatest power in the world.

The latter is unbelievably striking – even more so than the fact that Biden has the senile cheek to tout his newly found commitment to evacuations when in fact it is all his fault that is even a need to evacuate people in the first place!

And to do so under the barrel of the Taliban’s AK-47 and whatever marvelous US-made weaponry they’ve managed to seize as a happy camper Biden allowed them to reconquer the country in 11 days.

In his poor speech on Friday, Biden graciously told the American people that “we will get you home” – referring to “any American who wants to come home” – which sounded like he imagined there might be US citizens eager to hang around in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s radical Islamist rule.

The delusional Democrat president of the USA then alleged US allies around the world aren’t questioning US credibility because of the Afghan chaos – or at least he isn’t consciously aware of that.

Just as obliviously to reality, Biden claimed further that al-Qaeda is gone – and one wonders whether he’d realize it isn’t if it strikes America once again.

Look at me – I made the need for ‘one of the largest difficult airlifts in history’!

Answering some of the pre-approved questions, Sleepy Joe said the evacuation commitment also applied to Afghans who helped the US in Afghanistan.

He touted the evacuation effort as “one of the largest difficult airlifts in history” – which wouldn’t be necessary without his abject fiasco – and the fact that only the US is able to project “this much power” on the other side of the world with such precision.

It’s all too much of a pity the power projection capabilities in question are rapidly being rendered useless by Biden’s complete destruction of America’s reputation and credibility.

It’s hard to say which one of his assertions and comments was the most outrageous but in one of the most notable quotes from his speech on Friday, Biden defended his catastrophe by saying that “when this operation is over” there will be “plenty of time to criticize and second guess.”

To top it all off, the pile of incompetence that he has amassed in his personal senile self and his leftist administration, Joe Biden confirmed that under his command the US government has no freaking idea how many American citizens are left on the ground in Afghanistan.

The pre-approved reporters from whom the “leader” of the Free World took questions were only five.

As Biden was leaving the East Room of the White House, one reported could be heard yelling, to no avail, “Why do you trust the Taliban?!”