World’s former No. 1 terrorist Osama bin Laden might have been one of the most repugnant figures in world history – and yet, apparently, he got Biden right, and in a way that boded the upcoming horror for America, which is already being caused by Sleepy Joe.

The horror Biden is wreaking upon America is already multifaceted – but in the past few days, the disaster he has caused in particular in Afghanistan by presenting to the Taliban after 20 years of fighting has been there for the whole world to see.

As Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, the perpetrator of the monstrous 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States, was assassinated by US Navy Seals in 2011, his compound in Pakistan contained a trove of documents.

Among those was a highly telling letter that Osama bin Laden wrote to an aide a year earlier which contains the al-Qaeda leader’s highly accurate assessment of Joe Biden – namely, that he is incompetent, he would be a weak president and would do great damage to America.

The horror of Osama bin Laden being proven right

It’s only been some 6 months since Biden has occupied the White House, and Osama bin Laden’s assessment has been proven right – tragically so as far as the United States is concerned.

Osama bin Laden’s 48-page letter to an aide called “Brother Shaykh Mahmud,” the real name of Atiyah al-Rahman, was penned in May 2010.

It was made public in 2011 by The Washington Post, revealed to it by US intelligence experts.

That was after bin Laden’s assassination, but the document has not caught too much attention.

It is being paid much attention now, or at least it should be, as it has resurfaced in the midst of Biden’s betrayal of America and its allies in Afghanistan, with the utterly botched pullout and quick Taliban reconquest of the country.

In his letter, Osama bin Laden contemplates the need he sees to redirect al-Qaeda’s resources from plotting terrorist attacks in Muslim countries to plot direct attacks on the US.

On page 36, he explains what he wants to from two al-Qaeda hit squads, one in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan, which would be tasked with assassinating then US President Barak Obama or former military commander and then CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus if they visit either of the two countries.

Getting Biden right as the Democrats couldn’t

Back in 2012, US intelligence analysts said the plots to kill Obama or Petraeus were unrealistic or nonsensical.

But what’s really interesting from today’s point of view is Osama bin Laden’s reasoning.

He mentions then-Vice President Joe Biden as he discusses his reasoning behind an attack on Obama.

He notes that killing Obama would make Biden the president “as it is the norm” in the US.

However, bin Laden emphasizes that Biden was “totally unprepared for that post” and that this “will lead the US into a crisis.”

Those brief comments by the al-Qaeda monster ring truer today than ever before, and it is shocking that the Democratic Party and its supporters have been unable to grasp Joe Biden’s incompetence and the damage he could do to America – while Osama bin Laden realized that over a decade ago.

Likely, there are many in the Democratic Party who realize that Biden himself is a disaster –for example, the anti-American radical leftists – and they love him for that.

Because what better way to create many disasters for America than to put a disaster in its own right in the leader’s seat – even if it is a sleepy and senile one.

In a sense, thanks to the liberal leftist Democrats, Osama bin Laden seems to have gotten America right where he wanted it: with Biden at the helm, and causing a crisis.

Or, rather, a crisis after crisis after crisis.