The liberal leftists from the Democratic Party in Texas have undergone a complete fiasco in their wretched bid to try to stop the state Republicans from passing new legislation to increase the security of voting and reliability of election results.

Nearly five dozen Democrat members of the Texas House of Representatives fled to Washington, DC in July in order to devoid the chamber of a quorum and thus prevent the GOP from passing the election security law.

How election security gets turned into ‘restriction of voting rights’

The manipulative lefties and their allies from the national Marxist propaganda outlets known as “mainstream media” have been deceptively portraying the Republicans’ bill as legislation restricting voter rights – in particular of minorities – an utterly ludicrous proposition.

One either has the right to vote, or one doesn’t, and in today’s America, all American citizens do.

The liberal leftist radicals, however, have been lying about the Texas GOP bill because it precludes them from committing election fraud – hence their rabid howling and sore loser whining.

All the Texas Democrats managed to do with their cowardly escape to Washington has been to delay the inevitable – the passage of the highly useful and needed legislation – by a total of 38 days.

As of Thursday night, however, with the return of two more Texas Democrat representatives, enough of them have come back so as to restore the quorum in the statehouse in Austin.

One other Democrat never went to Washington for health reasons.

The restoration of the quorum has been aided by the decisive actions of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a true American patriot who kept calling new special sessions of the Texas legislature while enabling the arrests of the cowardly lefty runaways as soon as they set foot on state territory.

Thus, the Texas Republicans have regained their momentum towards advancing the election security legislation.

Besides the three Texas Democrats who showed up in Austin, more than 50 leftist state house members still remain in hiding in Washington.

GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced on Thursday night that the quorum of 100 present legislators has been restored.

Apparently, the two Democrats who returned from their self-imposed exile in the nation’s capital did so voluntarily – because, despite a mandate to do so, the Texas state police never arrested them.

All the police did was leave warrants at their homes.

‘Defection’ causes their own to fume

The Democrat cowards who are still having a holiday in DC while getting paid with tax dollars have taken to Twitter to vent out their outrage over the “defection” of their three colleagues.

The three Democrats present in the Texas House defended first the fleeing to Washington and then the return to Austin by arguing that in the former they helped push the Democrats in the US Congress to move towards adopting horrifying legislation for a federal election takeover, while they’ve come back to the latter to help over the surging number of COVID-19 infections in Texas.

All three state Democrats are from the Houston area.

The two who returned from Washington are state Rep. Ana Hernandez and state Rep. Armando Walle.

The third one, state Rep. Garnet Coleman, stayed home recovering from a leg amputation caused by an infection.

The Democrats in Texas – and all over the country keep trying to secure election wins by default – that is, through technicalities and institutional maneuvers – and apparently through outright election fraud.

Because if that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t be opposed to the election security bill of the Texas GOP.

With their perfidious moves and vile propaganda, the Democrats are working to destroy American democracy as they hope to establish a permanent ultra-liberal leftist totalitarian regime.

American patriots must stop that and ensure that democracy and freedom will be America’s defining traits for good.