Contrary to the impudent lies of Democrat President, Sleepy Joe Biden, the abysmal calamity he caused for the US in Afghanistan with the premature and utterly botched pullout was fully preventable – and dozens of State Department officials actually took the initiative to tell Biden and his pathetic Secretary of State Anthony Blinken how to do that.

The Wall Street Journal has just revealed in a report that on July 13 a total of 23 US diplomats and embassy staffers sent Blinken a confidential memo with incredibly precise insights into the situation in Afghanistan and grave warnings on how to avoid the disaster that America and Afghanistan are presently suffering while the world has been watching.

US diplomats stepped up and were very insightful

In the memo, the US diplomats made it profoundly clear to Blinken that the Taliban was quickly gaining traction, and the Afghan capital Kabul was prone to collapsing together with the government.

They also urged the Biden administration to evacuate all Americans from Afghanistan by August 1.

The grave warning by American diplomats with apparently great insights into Afghanistan’s situation came shortly after on July 8 Biden himself cheekily declared that a Taliban takeover in the country was “highly unlikely” and so was the emergence of chaos in Kabul.

The warning by the 23 diplomats seems to be the latest and maybe most serious warning that the radicalizing leftist Biden administration completely ignored as the US forces were retreating as per Sleepy Joe’s catastrophic plan – which essentially gifted Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban.

In their confidential memo, the US diplomats in question warned Blinken that the Afghan security forces were collapsing.

What is more, they urged the Biden administration to get tougher rhetorically with the Taliban on past violence committed by the Islamist radicals.

The diplomats also advised that the US government gather information on those Afghans entitled to Special Immigrant Visas for their collaboration with the US forces.

Blinken ‘welcomed’ the dissent, and that’s it

A personal familiar with their memo sent through the State Department’s dissent channel told The WSJ that Biden’s Secretary of State reviewed it.

Ned Price, the spokesman of the State Department told the Journal that Blinken welcomed as well as encouraged the use of the dissent channel.

However, America’s pathetic lefty top diplomat doesn’t seem to have done anything with the information provided to him.

Reports have revealed that the Biden administration was also warned by Douglas London, a former counter-terrorism chief of the CIA for South and Southwest Asia, that Kabul was likely to collapse in just a few days after a US pullout.

Nevertheless, Sleepy Joe keeps lying – as he did in the ABC News interview aired on Thursday – that nobody told him that a collapse of the Afghan government was even possible.

Before that, on Thursday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, also claimed he never got any intelligence warning him that Afghanistan’s government and army might collapse “in 11 days.”

Biden and his radical lefty lackeys simply have no way anymore of deluding the American public that the calamitous chaos they caused in Afgahniwas inevitable.