The liberal leftist Democrats aren’t even pretending anymore to demonstrate a little basic human decency, not to mention any sort of political responsibility and respect for the government offices they may hold – but Democrat President Joe “Sleepy” Biden seems to be the worst among them.

On Saturday, Biden is resuming his August vacation, heading to his home in Wilmington, Delaware – and while that would generally be egregious considering how he just plunged both America and Afghanistan in the worst foreign and security policy crisis of the decade so far, one cannot help be wildly conflicted about the news.

Cut the old catastrophe of a man some slack

Maybe the American public should cut the sleepy, clearly senile old man a little slack: after all, he is working hard on messing everything up for America, big time and all the time – he must be tired, let him rest.

It can’t be easy destroying America’s fundamental values and succumbing to various radicals – from radical leftist Marxist-communists at home to radical Islamist terrorist buddies abroad – and to do what without having any morals, insight, competence, or awareness of where you are floating around.

Then there is the case to be made that, if possible, Biden should be left go on a permanent vacation from now until the end of his White House occupant time runs out – because maybe that way he might end up inflicting a little less damage to the United States of America.

Not to mention all the humiliatingly embarrassing gaffes that the public will be saved when he doesn’t show his semi-conscious face and even try to make stances on world politics.

Because the man is a winner – as with Afghanistan, he came, he messed it up completely, and he may go enjoy some retiree time at home.

Never mind that he didn’t even have to pull out a couple of thousands of American troops – because even a very symbolic military presence of the United States was sufficient to preserve and grow all progress made in Afghanistan.

Never mind that he presented the country back to the Taliban to congratulate them for the 20th anniversary since their al-Qaeda buddies hijacked airplanes to crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Never mind that his “pullout” got so botched that thousands and thousands of Americans, and even more Afghan helpers of the United States got stranded under the radical Islamist whip of the Taliban, with no rescue in sight.

And Biden deserves even more credit, too, as he was about to leave for Delaware on Thursday – but he put the American people first, and remained in the White House until Friday in order to deliver another speech of delusion and slurred words.

Never mind that his speeches and growing more and more appalling, and more and more appearing not to be rooted in reality but at all.

Hey, we still got Kamala!

Plus, the American public will be alright – because while the semi-aware grandpa Joe Biden is vacationing, we have his invaluable veep, Kamala, to look after us.

Of course, she left on Friday on a truly vital trip to Vietnam and Singapore but surely she can manage, she’s so good at everything.

Nobody’s doubting that can fill in Biden’s gaps and help govern this once glorious nation – plus, dreadfully enough, she seems overly eager to take over anyway, regardless of how – so we might as well get used to her.