Joe Biden did not see fit to address the nation about the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ghastly chaos that occurred in the immediate wake of that withdrawal until Monday, August 16.

By then, the Taliban had already taken over most of Afghanistan and had stormed into Kabul. Social media disseminated videos of harrowing scenes showing countless people — likely those who took American money to fight the Taliban during the war, as well as assorted American non-military personnel who were assisting with the war effort — desperately attempting to flee the country through Kabul International Airport.

Many were even seen holding on to military cargo planes as they took off from runways, only to fall to their deaths after the planes lifted off into the air.

When Biden finally did address the nation on August 16, it was in a short speech that lasted less than 20 minutes, and he refused to answer any questions afterward.

Needless to say, this has drawn excoriation and criticism from virtually all quarters.

Stalling to Save Face

As bedlam was erupting in Afghanistan and American civilians remained trapped there, Biden’s team could only announce that he would address the country on the exit from Afghanistan at some point “in the next few days.”

Donald Trump Jr. was nonplussed and infuriated. “*IN THE NEX FEW DAYS!!!!” he said on Twitter. “Apparently, he needs a few days to practice reading from a teleprompter.”

Other conservative critics also lambasted Biden’s casual unconcern for what was happening in Afghanistan and for the responsibility that he bore for it, but it’s clear that the Biden team was stalling and scrambling to save face.

In fairness to Biden, some amount of chaos would have inevitably accompanied any kind of withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. The Taliban’s takeover, after all, was inevitable, seeing as how the only thing that kept the so-called Afghan military in place was a series of generous American paychecks. As soon as that money dried up, the Afghan military surrendered to the Taliban without a fight.

But it was incumbent on Biden to be honest enough with the American people to admit that this would happen instead of strenuously and foolishly denying it.

Biden should have frankly admitted that the war in Afghanistan was a foolish endeavor from day one, and then proceeded to evacuate American citizens from the country, removing weapons and only then withdrawing soldiers.

But Biden did none of those things. He lied and botched things in every conceivable way.

Can you blame anyone for floating the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment?