As it has been painfully becoming clear that there are lots and lots of things wrong with Joe Biden – and not just in terms of having no morals or decorum – but health-wise, a new poll shows that now more than half of Americans consider him unfit for the office of President of the United States and that somebody else is actually calling the shots for him.

Sleepy Joe’s unfit and Kamala’s unqualified

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 52% aren’t confident that Biden is fit for the most powerful post in the world, with 41% of the respondents saying they aren’t “confident at all,” and only 46% expressing confidence in his mental and physical condition.

The survey also discovered that 51% of likely US voters think some other people are making decisions instead of Biden, with just 39% considering him to be in charge – down from 47% in March.

Biden’s horrendous veep Kamala Harris doesn’t exactly capture the nation’s imagination as a capable leader, either, with 55% considering her not qualified to be president, and 47% saying she isn’t “at all qualified”; only 29% consider her “very qualified.”

Meanwhile, as Biden’s recent speeches and one interview on the unfolding catastrophe in Afghanistan that he caused for America – or whoever is calling the shots in his name – have raised even bigger questions about his cognitive health, medical experts have underscored he has conditions linked to cognitive and memory problems and dementia.

Back in 2018, Biden himself referred to himself as a “gaffe machine,” which has only been confirmed by his latest interview, for ABC News on Afghanistan, in which he first said his late son Beau Biden had worked for the US Navy in Afghanistan – and then corrected himself that it was the US Army in Iraq.

Early-onset dementia and more

Biden has suffered two brain aneurysms and also has a heart condition causing the heart muscle to beat too fast, which leads to dizziness and confusion.

He suffered the brain aneurysms back in 1988 as he was competing for the Democratic presidential nomination, eventually won by Michael Dukakis, and had to have surgery to treat them.

In light of Biden’s latest speech gaffes and public confusion – against the backdrop of the slate of botched decisions he has apparently made on Afghanistan, two medical experts approached by The Daily Mail gave important insights into his condition.

Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a consultant for Britain’s National Health Service, said there “certainly” is “a link” between cognitive decline and Biden’s conditions.

Malhotra said considering Biden’s age, medical history, and public appearances, he is “worried about early-onset dementia” – which would refer to anybody showing “issues with recall and memory” at his age.

The paper also cites Dr. Amit Bajaj from Emerson University in Boston, who is an associate professor in speech science, as saying that Biden’s skyrocketing gaffes might be caused by his declining cognitive health.

Aneurysms, which are bulging blood vessels in the brain or arteries that burst, in particular, are known to cause memory difficulties.

It remains to be seen for how long the obviously senile and incapable Joe Biden will be tolerated at the post of President considering also the fact that his veep, Kamala Harris, who at least doesn’t have senility and dementia, is no better and maybe even worse.