We all have to thank Sleepy Joe Biden and his radicalizing leftist Democrat Party gang for it: the radical Islamist Taliban have not only been allowed to capture Afghanistan and a vast amount of US military equipment but are also mocking the hell out of America.

Taliban hitting us everywhere it hurts thanks to Sleepy Joe and the Democrat gang Taliban propaganda, which never ceased during the 20-year-war, has surged since last Sunday the terrorist-allied movement conquered the Afghan capital Kabul thanks to Biden’s idiotic and idiotically executed pullout.

Among the numerous photos and videos posted online recently by the Taliban, however, there is a particularly striking one that stands out: A special unit of Taliban commandoes fully clad in US fighting gear is seen raising the Taliban flag in a picture bearing striking resemblance of the world-famous photo of the six American marines raising the US flag on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima during World War II.

That is right: the Taliban are spitting in the face of the greatest, most powerful nation in the world which has the military might to crush them in no time – except there isn’t the political will to do that simply because the US government has been hijacked by vicious anti-American Marxists with a seemingly senile, demented president, who is likely just a figurehead.

The Taliban fighters mocking the US flag-raising photo from Iwo Jima – an era of greatness when America defeated far more dreadful enemies than the Taliban such as Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and then the Soviet Union – come from an elite fighting unit of the radical Islamist movement known as Badri 313 Battalion.

Shiv Aroor, a senior anchor for the India Today television, reported, as cited by Fox News, that the Badri 313 battalion is little known and has only recently been revealed as a special operations unit of the Taliban.

Aroor said the secretive unit – now fully equipped with top-notch stolen American military fighting gear – paints a different picture of the Taliban.

It demonstrates that their fighters are no longer a “ragtag bunch of religious terrorists” from farming families– and their special forces might be comparable to “the best in the world.”

Aroor said that the Badri 313 battalion could be expected to grow in numbers and strength now that the Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan.

According to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the Badri 313 special unit seems to be made deliberately to look more like a US military detachment: its fighters are armed with M4 carbines and armored Humvees.

Ian Bremmer, the founder of the Eurasia Group, posted on Twitter a photo of Taliban fighters sporting “their new American gear.”

‘Indictment’ of US security cooperation

Just the weaponry the US gave to the Afghan military only in the 15 years between 2002 and 2017 is worth an estimated $82 billion, according to an unnamed official cited by Reuters, who said that all that hasn’t been destroyed is now part of the Taliban arsenal.

The Taliban have also managed to seize advanced US-made aircraft such as Blackhawk helicopters given to the Afghan military – but since they don’t have the training to operate them, they are using the trophies for propaganda purposes only.

According to Elias Yousif, deputy head of the Security Assistance Monitor of the Center for International Policy, the Taliban seizure of US-made weaponry is an important “psychological win” and “status symbol” for the radical Islamists.

He told The Hill that this “indictment” of US security cooperation abroad should raise concerns.

Earlier this week, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, another accomplice to the catastrophe in Afghanistan, shyly admitted only that “a fair amount” of US defense materials “has fallen into the hands of the Taliban.”

With a president and ruling party who are both a joke, should the American public expect anything other than America’s enemies making a mockery of the greatest power on earth?