Ted Cruz stood in front of the United States Senate at about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning to prevent a piece of voting legislation from going through. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to force a yes vote to get the For the People Act approved. Still, Texas Senator Ted Cruz voted no, which means that the United States Senate must take up the bill again after the Senate returns from their summer recess in mid-September.

Key Elements of the For The People Act

One of the purposes behind The For The People Act is that the federal government would oversee all national elections. It would return the rights of felons to vote in most cases. Many states, including Texas, are working to pass new voter identification laws. This bill would overturn those laws and approve laws passed by Congress.

Not All Texans Agree

Texas lawmakers have been struggling to pass voter identification laws. Amid pressure from Republican lawmakers to pass new laws requiring those voting to show identification, many Texas Democratic lawmakers fled to the nation’s capital. They disagree that the new rules will increase voting security, but feel that it is instead a power grab to allow Republicans in some districts more access to easy voting than citizens in blue districts.

Governor Abbott has ordered those lawmakers to return to the state to take care of Texas business. He has even had warrant affidavits issued for each of them to return to Austin and complete their legislative duties. Yet, many still refuse to take up the issue in the Texas chamber.

It is unclear what the Texas lawmakers intend to do now that the United States Congress has recessed.