It’s only been 6-7 months since the White House got occupied by Sleepy Joe Biden and his nasty gang of radicalized leftists – and the star-spangled leadership of President Donald Trump is so missed, both sorely and dearly, that it’s incredibly painful for any true American patriot.

It’s hardly believable how in a matter of weeks and months, America has gone from having the strongest possible leadership to suffering continuing pandemic failures, unimaginable border crisis of illegal immigration, skyrocketing inflation, unprecedented communist government spending, and a horrendous foreign and security policy humiliation in Afghanistan right before the 20th year since 9/11 – all of that courtesy of the liberal leftist and Marxist Democrats and their senile leader.

The answer will make American patriots happy

In a major rally in Alabama on Saturday night, President Trump is expected to make it clearer whether the nation will have the chance to go back to his inspired and powerful leadership come 2024.

An unnamed close Trump ally who has seen the drafts of his speech to be delivered tonight in Cullman County, Alabama, has made it clear that the 45th President of the United States will make the “clearest” hint whether he would run for president in 2024.

Trump is expected to say that the time has come “for real leadership in the White House,” according to the source cited by The Daily Mail.

The message is going to be one of the “clearest indicator” for a new presidential run – even though at present there is still no final official decision on the matter.

President Trump has been making hints but has shrewdly refused to declare a 2024 bid so early.

He has, however, mentioned that no finalized announcement could be expected before the 2022 midterms.

Earlier this week, he actually told Fox News host Sean Hannity that because of the campaign finance laws, which are “extremely complicated and unbelievably stupid,” he isn’t actually “allowed to answer” the question.

Yet, POTUS 45 did offer a serious hint by saying that Hannity and “a lot of our friends” are going to be “very happy” with the real answer.

Huge turnout expected. And ‘do you feel safe under Biden?’

According to the organizers, some 20,000 people are expected to attend Trump’s rally at York Family Farms in Alabama on Saturday night – although they have admitted privately that some 50,000 people actually applied for tickets.

This means that the event could be the largest rally of President Donald Trump to date.

The biggest question that Trump is expected to raise during the Alabama rally is whether Americans feel safe under Sleepy Joe Biden and the vicious Marxist gang surrounding him.

Thus, his speech will likely tie the Afghanistan disaster with other foreign and security policy challenges such as China’s territorial aggression against Taiwan and the South China Sea, Israel’s situation in the Middle East, and the illegal immigration crisis on America’s border with Mexico.

The mind boggles when we as Americans imagine all the trouble that Joe Biden has managed to get our nation into in so little time.

With President Donald Trump, there is hope for a great comeback and making America great again.