Democrat President Joe Biden, the 78-year-old commander-in-chief of the mightiest military in the world and by default “leader” of the Free World, is more and more convincing when it comes to demonstrating his deteriorating senility – the latest case being his new speech on the Afghanistan apocalypse that he personally caused.

In his public appearance on Friday, Biden showed off the whole package of senility and dementia: slurred words, forgotten questions halfway through the answer, mixed-up names, and, most of all, complete loss of touch with reality and oblivion of basic facts.

Al-Qaeda is gone now, no?!

During his speech from the East Room of the White House, Biden took reporters’ questions for the first time since bestowing all of Afghanistan to the Taliban, his answer filled with contradictions, chaotic thoughts and speech gaffes.

Sleepy Joe directly contradicted a Q2 report by the Pentagon inspector general on the US military operation in Afghanistan saying that the Taliban are expectedly still close buddies with al-Qaeda and still offering it safe haven.

Never mind what the Pentagon says – Biden just declared that al-Qaeda is “gone.”

And he contradicted himself when two days earlier he told ABC News al-Qaeda could resurge in Afghanistan sooner than 18 months.

While just days ago the State Department told Americans in Kabul that they cannot be guaranteed safe passage to the airport, on Friday, Biden alleged that he had “no indication” US citizens cannot get there, and that his government has an agreement with the Taliban whose checkpoints are letting through people with US passports.

This allegation also comes against the backdrop of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin telling House lawmakers that US citizens had been beaten by Taliban, a development he described as “unacceptable.”
Several top national security and foreign affairs reporters were utterly outraged by Biden’s chaotic and untrue remarks.

Fox News journalist Jennifer Griffin saying he lives in an “alternate reality” and that he blurted out too many “misrepresentations” of the situation on the ground that there was no way to fact-check them in real time.

NBC News journalist Richard Engel was dismayed at Biden’s description of the evacuation from Kabul as “a very orderly process.”

As he was answering a question about bringing out Afghans who helped the US forces, Biden got lost, and said “I can’t remember now” “the first part of your question.”

We get all kinds of cables, don’t you worry about it

Sleepy Joe kept insinuating that America’s credibility has gone unscathed by the nightmare that he cooked in Afghanistan – even if just two days ago Members of the British Parliament lambasted Biden’s utterly botched pullout.

When explaining the “constant contact” that the US has going on with the Taliban, as though that must be some kind of a source of pride for America, the Democrat President of the US of A renamed the capital of US ally Qatar from Doha to “Daho” – maybe transposing its letters, or maybe daydreaming of Late Tahoe.

In one of his many really striking remarks, answering a question why he and his top lefty aides disregarded a crucial cable from early July signed by 23 American diplomats about the tremendous gravity of the situation in Afghanistan, Biden just shrugged and declared, “We got all kinds of cables”.

And that alone about says it all.