Joe Biden evidently really hates Kamala Harris. Virtually from day one of his administration, Biden has delegated a series of no-win tasks to his Vice President. Even if Harris didn’t utterly lack the charisma and likability necessary to do something like properly negotiate with Central American leaders to stem the flow of migration into the United States, the border under Biden has been such a horrendous mess that even a charismatic person would have a hard time making things look good.

Biden’s calculation in making Harris his border czar seems to have been that by putting her in charge, he can deflect all of the heat that will inevitably come his way and shift the blame for everything that goes wrong at the border onto her.

If Biden does hate Kamala Harris, this certainly presents no political problems for him, as the American public evidently hates her, too. How else can we explain Biden’s latest decision to apparently put the blame for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal onto her?

Kamala Harris: Fall Girl Extraordinaire

Larry O’Connor recently recalled something important on Twitter. In so doing, he shared a perceptive insight.

He reminded everyone that on Sunday, August 15, as things were already collapsing in Afghanistan and the Taliban was effortlessly capturing area after area, Kamala Harris publicly confirmed that she was the last person in the room when Biden made the fateful decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan.

Even if this is true, why in the world would Harris admit it? As mentioned, it was already clear by Sunday that the withdrawal had been horrendously botched and that thousands of American civilians had been left stranded in Afghanistan, at the mercy of the Taliban’s ravages.

The only reasonable explanation that suggests itself is that Harris is being set up to take the fall. Since he’s already taking enormous heat for botching this withdrawal, Biden has apparently decided that it’s best for him to make it look like the whole thing was Harris’ idea.

After all, Biden, for all of the comments made about his mental decline, surely had to realize that there was no way to look good while pulling out of Afghanistan.

The entire government of that country was totally propped up by American weapons and money. As soon as those disappeared, that government was bound to collapse. And so, it did.

Luckily, Biden had his fall girl Kamala Harris waiting in the wings for him.