In a massive rally in Cullman, Alabama, President Donald Trump ripped apart Sleepy Joe Biden for the utterly botched pullout of the United States from Afghanistan, describing it as “one of the greatest military defeats of all time.”

‘Total Surrender’

Speaking before the huge crowd of tens of thousands of fans, Trump declared that the humiliation, in which the radical Islamist Taliban were allowed by Biden to conquer all of Afghanistan while also seizing vast amounts of top-notch US military equipment, was not a withdrawal but a “total surrender.”

POTUS 45 also declared that the Afghanistan disaster “would never have happened” if it was him in the White House.

Trump eloquently put “the issue” in words: not whether or not to leave Afghanistan but “Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence” as Sleepy Joe has now caused “the greatest strategic humiliation” the United States has “ever seen as a country.”

President Trump also declared that he had been in office, there would have been no way that the Taliban could have dreamed of “capturing our airfield” or “parading around with American weapons.”

There wouldn’t have been emergency evacuation, either, as the 45th President of the United States would have “established clear lines” the Taliban wouldn’t have dared to cross.

The biggest problem with Joe Biden is that “our enemies aren’t afraid of him” and “don’t respect him,” Trump stated, accusing the pathetic Democrat of giving the American military “to the enemy.”

He also hit back at criticism over his own administration’s original negotiations with the Taliban in 2020, saying there was no one else to negotiate with.

Under the conditional peace deal signed back then, the US agreed to draw down its troops in Afghanistan if the Taliban abstained from supporting terrorists.

Trump made it clear how tough he was in the talks, warning the Taliban that they did something wrong the United States would “reign terror upon you.”

Slamming RINOs

Before President Trump took the stage, the vast crowd in Cullman, Albama, was addressed by Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, and the Chairman of the Alabama GOP, John Wall.

In his remarks, Wall lashed out against Critical Race Theory callintg it a “demonic doctrine from the pit of hell.”

Trump revealed that Wall managed to raise in $1.2 million in funding for the party by putting on the rally.

Saturday night’s rally was Trump’s first rally in Alabama since February 2016 when he spoke in Madison.

In his speech, Trump also slammed outgoing Alabama Senator Richard Shelby for endorsing as his successor his former chief of staff, Katie Britt.

He called Shelby a RINO (Republican in Name Only), noting that he is a close friend of “Old Crow Mitch McConnell” – referring to the Senate Minority Leader with whom Trump hasn’t been on great terms.

Trump’s Alabama rally featured major promotion for Gettr, the conservative-friendly social media site founded by Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller.