The Biden administration is so chaotic and discordant – and increasingly senile Joe Biden has been so out of it – that even the otherwise pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken has felt the need to correct his boss – openly correcting his statement that al-Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan.

And now that Sleepy Joe has happily bestowed Afghanistan back into the hands of the radical Islamist Taliban, al-Qaeda’s pre-9/11 allies – the evil terrorist network will likely flourish.

Trying to explain Biden meant something else while admitting he got it wrong

On Friday, Biden, seemingly as confused as ever or even more so, alleged that al-Qaeda is “gone” from Afghanistan – much to everybody’s dismay – especially since its second-quarter security review of the US mission there, the Department of Defense issued grave warnings about the terrorist network’s presence and potential to regroup under the Taliban.

A recent report by the United Nations concluded that al-Qaeda is present in 15 out of a total of 34 Afghan provinces.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken had to admit that Biden’s delusional comment simply isn’t true.

However, as the liberal leftist Democrats nonetheless love to stretch and bend the truth, Fox News host Chris Wallace had to press Blinken hard for the latter to admit the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.

Biden’s top diplomat first went back to narrate what the US did after the 9/11 terrorist attacks; when asked a second time if al-Qaeda is gone or present, he argued that its ability to carry out another such strike against the US was “vastly, vastly diminished.”

Wallace had to ask him the third time for Blinken to admit that there are still al-Qaeda members and remnants in Afghanistan.

Blinken then tried deceptively to justify Biden’s delusional comments by claiming that the Democrat president was referring only to al-Qaeda’s “capacity to do what it did on 9/11,” which he argued was “very successfully diminished.”

Biden’s secretary of state then diverted a question about Biden’s comment that America hasn’t lost credibility with US allies around the world because of the latter’s fiasco in Afghanistan – in spite of critical statements from key political figures in the UK and Germany.

Blinken, too, failed miserably despite warnings from US Embassy in Kabul

Even though he at least admitted that his boss was wrong about al-Qaeda, Blinken nonetheless did very poorly as he tried to avoid giving a straight answer to the question about a memo sent to him by a total of 23 US diplomats from the embassy in Kabul on July 13 warning that Afghanistan might collapse.

Blinken’s answer focused only on the part where the embassy staffers are asking for an accelerated evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies – and he blamed delays with the so-called Special Immigrant Visa program on the administration of President Donald Trump.

In the end, however, the secretary of state did utter a half-hearted admission that in spite of the memo he got, he didn’t envisage a swift Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and that the Biden administration thought it would have a lot more time to evacuate people.

Clearly, the Biden administration has gotten Afghanistan wrong from the bottom up and from the top down, and this has caused a tremendous amount of trouble for the United States.