It’s still an open question which one of them is a greater plague for America: Joe Biden or his veep.

It is fully possible Kamala Harris is even more disastrous that Sleepy Joe, and that she just isn’t able to show it because her powers are limited.

But at least she’s trying: on Sunday, Kamala popped up in Singapore for a nice little state visit – right against the backdrop of the raging catastrophe in Afghanistan where her theoretical boss Biden made a 9/11 20th anniversary present by surrendering control of the country.

Kamala lying low on Afghanistan – and everything

As the world is watching in dismay and disbelief the unbelievably chaotic evacuation of the tens of thousands of Americans, westerners, and Afghan western allies, Sleepy Joe headed off on his vacation in his home in Wilmington, Delaware, and Kamala headed off to Singapore.

Never mind: let Afghanistan burn, and let all US citizens and others who are there burn with it – that must be the logic behind Joe and Kamala’s behavior.

Biden, however, at least had the “courtesy” to make some delusional speeches and comments filled with slurred words.

Kamala Harris, on the other hand, has been laying so on Afghanistan as though she’s down on ground under Taliban fire with seized US M-4s.

In the seven months of the Biden administration so far, Harris has proven herself capable of nothing, not even imitating action and decisiveness has gone good for her.

On Sunday, she landed in Singapore for a week-long tour of Asia – more like a vacation as Afghanistan is fuming – and so is any patriotic American out there in the world.

On Monday, Harris is supposed to visit the Changi Naval Base to meet with sailors of the USS Tulsa – which technically makes her the highest-ranking US official to go in person to American troops during the Afghanistan withdrawal and evacuation debacle.

After Singapore, Harris is going to Vietnam, a perplexing stop on her tour against the backdrop of the Afghanistan situation – not to mention that the hasty and chaotic US evacuation of Kabul has brought nothing but painful memories for America from the evacuation of Saigon, the then capital of South Vietnam, in 1975, after the Vietnam War when communist North Vietnam ultimately triumphed.

Trust Kamala, not your eyes, you American allies!

Biden has been insisting for weeks and months now that Kabul’s evacuation will not be “another Saigon” – and he might be correct because it’s gradually proving to be even worse.

According to officials from his administration, Kamala’s trip to Singapore and Vietnam was planned much earlier – not that this matters at all because it could have been easily canceled.

On top of everything, the Democrat vice president, as she was leaving Washington for Singapore, had the arrogance to declare that the evacuation of American citizens and allied Afghans from Afghanistan was a “particularly high priority.”

That it is “a big area of focus” for her “in the past days and weeks,” and will remain so – so one can be sure that it is – it’s just not at all clear what kinds of actions if any, that might entail on her part.

Kamala’s Asian trip amid the Afghanistan fire has been justified with the need to reassure allies around the South China Sea of the American commitment to their security vis-à-vis China.

Sure, America’s allies shouldn’t be worried about what they are witnessing under the Biden administration, they should just take Kamla’s word for it.