President Donald Trump gathered a huge crowd of an estimated more than 30,000 supporters in Cullman, Alabama on Saturday for his “Save America” rally despite the drizzle.

The crowd would no doubt have been more enormous had it not been for the rain, with President Trump having the courtesy to cut his speech after 1.5 hours as the downpour started to go stronger.

In what became one of Trump’s largest rallies ever, he raised a whopping $1.2 million in donations.

Here are seven key highlights from President Trump’s latest rally speech.

Trump’s predictions about Joe Biden have proven correct

In his “Save America” rally in Alabama, Trump elaborated on how all of his predictions about what a disastrous president Joe Biden would make have already proven right – with stunning accuracy, even if that is highly unfortunate for America:

“I warned the entire country of the disastrous consequences of a Biden presidency.”

“I understood; a lot of you understood it. I said Joe Biden would eliminate America’s borders in the middle of a pandemic. He did.”

“I predicted that he would unleash a wave of violent crime that would turn our cities into a nightmare of killing and bloodshed.”

“Biden failed totally on the pandemic, and he’s now overseeing the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America.”

Afghanistan catastrophe caused by Joe Biden

President Donald Trump did not spare his words to expose the unbelievable true scope of the apocalypse that Joe Biden caused for America and American allies in Afghanistan – not to mention the American citizens and US-friendly Afghans on the ground – as he surrendered to the radical Islamist Taliban:

“This is the greatest humiliation I’ve ever seen… This will go down as one of the greatest military defeats of all time.”

“Biden’s botched exit in Afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation’s leader – perhaps at any time that anybody’s ever seen.”

“Name another situation like this. Vietnam looks like a master class in strategy compared to Joe Biden’s catastrophe.”

“Joe Biden was going on vacation as Afghanistan was going to hell. This is what you get when you have weakness in the White House. You can’t have weakness in the White House.”

How he dealt with the Taliban

President Donald Trump told the huge crowd in Alabama how he efficiently and decisively dealt with the Taliban, instilling in them respected and fear from American power:

“They have to respect your president. When I was president, we only had strength.”

“This would have never have happened…They knew we weren’t playing games.”

“They understood that right from the beginning. This proven record of America’s strength laid the groundwork to safely and responsibly bring our troops back home. Nobody was going to mess with us.”

‘Biden the Clown’ rigged the Taliban deal

President Trump disclosed exactly how Joe Biden skewed and then utterly undid the provisions of the deal he had made with the Taliban:

“And then this clown [Biden]… They rigged the whole deal.”

“Now they’re taking advantage of us. And remember this: This isn’t stopping, this going to go on for a long time. This isn’t going away.”

“When Biden took office, he foolishly tore up our really good plan. It’s conditions. We do this. We do this. We do this. If you don’t do these things were not going to do it, and then we start dropping bombs all over the place.”

“And they say, ‘you know what? We’re going to do it; we’ve decided to do it.’ We had a good understanding.”

“The issue here is not whether to leave Afghanistan, the issue is Joe Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence … creating the greatest strategic humiliation that we’ve ever seen as a country.”

“The problem with Biden is that our enemies are not afraid of him, they don’t respect him.” Endorsing Mo Brooks “

During the Cullman rally, President Trump threw his weight behind supporting Alabama US Rep. Mo Brooks to run for the US Senate:

“We did have a rigged election, which is terrible, terrible, and you look at what’s going on now. You look at what’s going on now and the border, but take a look at Afghanistan, what’s happening”

“But I’m with Alabama’s proud, hard-working, incredible American patriots with your help we’re going to elect our friend Mo Brooks to the U.S. Senate.”

“Here tonight is someone who has fought harder than anyone else in Congress to expose the election fraud. He is really a fighter, and to defend the integrity of our elections. And I have to say it, I just can’t imagine him losing.”

“He’s got courage. He’s an honest guy. He’s an honest guy, and that gives them the courage. Your next U.S. senator from Alabama Mo Brooks.”

Law, Order, Patriotism

In his passionate speech, President Trump also vowed to stand for patriotism, law, and order, as well as conservative ideals.

“In the Republican Party we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not for criminal aliens.”

“This is a sick culture and our country is a disaster and it’s going to die before your very eyes if this craziness isn’t stopped in so many ways.”

“We’re seeing what happens when you have dishonest and rigged elections. This is what happens. This is what you get. Our nation is being destroyed from within by people who have no right to destroy it. No right. They have no right to destroy it.”

Woke generals and all woke turns to sh*t

During his rally in Alabama on Saturday, President Trump showed a video of Gen. George Patton’s patriotic address to World War II troops, adding rips of failed generals and the White House Joints Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

“Let me ask you: Do you think that Gen. Patton was woke? I don’t think so. “

“I don’t think he was too woke. He was the exact opposite.” “You know what woke means? It means you’re a loser. Everything woke turns to sh**. It’s true.”