Kamala Harris, the repellant Democrat veep, who seems about as incompetent as Sleepy Joe Biden, if not more so, has been filmed giving out her notorious, highly repugnant nervous laughter.

Giving reporters the hyena chuckle treatment

Kamala’s trademark laughter seems to come out of her liberal leftist Democrat mouth whenever she feels uncomfortable, perhaps not knowing how to give an adequate answer to the questions asked – which appears to be the case all the time.

As the “Biden-Harris” administration – as administration officials have called it as if to underscore its ludicrousness – led America to maybe its greatest humiliation ever by surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban while tens of thousands of US and other evacuees are stuck at Kabul airport, the veep has been laying as low as she can possibly can.

And she has set off on a nice little state visit / vacation trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

No wonder a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has found that almost half of all American voters consider her “not at all qualified” to serve as president, God forbid.

Kamala was caught on camera in another embarrassing nervous chuckle episode late Friday night at the airport just as she was about to fly off to Singapore at the height of the Afghanistan crisis.

The video shows how, as Harris approaches, a reporter is trying to ask her a question – which goes unfinished, interrupted by her hyena-like chuckle but appears to be about Afghanistan.

More specifically, about Harris’ own response to reports that Americans are stuck there or attacked by the Taliban while trying to reach the airport in Kabul to leave the country.

Kamala approaches at a fast pace, tells the reporters to “hold on, hold on,” and starts giggling like a hyena on a brisk dry season night in the savanna.

After she’s done emitting the nervous chuckle, she again tells them to “slow down,” and just starts talking about what she wants, without responding to specific questions.

‘Priority, priority, priority’ – and ‘a big area of focus’

Kamala then goes on to say a big load of nothing as she repeats three times in one sentence how high a “priority” Afghanistan is for the “Biden-Harris administration” – so high that they just turned it over to the more capable management of the radical Islamist Taliban.

As though the triple priority comments weren’t enough, she then kept adding how it is a “big area of focus” for her “and will continue to be.”

After she landed in Singapore, pretending to be – or actually being – oblivious to the huge embarrassment for American power that is the Afghanistan debacle, Harris just started to boast that the “US is a global leader,” that “we take that role seriously,” and offered her hosts reassurances that America’s commitment to allies in Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific is enduring.

What’s unknown is whether somebody in Singapore believed her considering how she and Sleepy Joe have just miserably abandoned America’s allies in Afghanistan to the deadly threat from the Taliban.