78-year-old lefty gerontocrat Joe Biden, who claims the job title of President of the United States, has delivered to us another embarrassing to watch moment of senility as he evidently forgot the name of Deanne Criswell, the Director of FEMA.

The latest ‘senior moment’

Biden’s apparent senility combined with his incompetence, potential corruptibility, and his leftism – plus the radical leftist and Marxist gang running things around him is a recipe for unbelievable disaster – of the type we’ve just witnessed in Afghanistan – and might be just the beginning.

His on-air gaffe on Sunday when he lost his thought and the name of his own FEMA chief as he was speaking live was actually one of the less embarrassing of his by now very frequent “senior moments.”

The gaffe was embarrassing enough, though, considering the fact that Biden had just spoken to Criswell.

He was speaking after issuing an emergency declaration for the state of New York over the aftermath of tropical storm Henri authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a body of the Department of Homeland security, to lead the emergency effort.

A 12-second video clip has Democrat president and the leader of the “Senile World” stumbling offer greater evidence of his cognitive decline as he is trying to declare that there could be nobody better “to leader this operation” than “umm…uh…uh… Deanne…um..uh… Criswell.”

With him, evil always wins

Despite the obvious deterioration of Biden’s cognitive condition, the Democrat Party has chosen to parade him around as America’s president after the highly dubious results from the 2020 election.

Apart from suffering from a stammer, Biden had two brain aneurysms (in 1988) and a heart condition causing dizziness and confusion.

Yet, the 78-year-old has declined any suggestion about his cognitive and physical decline.

The radicalizing Marxist gang around him is all too happy with that because that way the leftist apparatchiks can mostly do as they please – to the horrendous detriment of the people of the United States of America – with a very elderly, senile man left to bear the responsibility, political and otherwise.

A growing number of American voters appear to be alarmed by both Biden’s senility and his overall incompetence, as a recent poll just demonstrated that 52% of Americans now believe he is not fit to be president, with 41% saying they are “not confident at all” that he is.

In his Sunday’s press conference, Biden piled insult on the American public since he claimed that the evacuation of “people from Kabul” will be “hard and painful” – this outrage coming from the very person who single-handedly made it so.

Not only did Biden cause a monumental catastrophe for America in Afghanistan, including the evacuation pandemonium, but he now also sought to present himself as deeply sensitive and caring about the suffering of the evacuees.

So whether it is through senility or hypocrisy, or incompetence, Biden evil - always wins.