It is just unbelievable that the Democrats, the woeful liberal leftists, and Marxists that they are, don’t give a damn about basic human decorum and decency and keep throwing extravagant parties or going on vacations completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of the American people at the respective moment, not to mention that such pain and suffering are usually caused by these very same Democrats.

True leftists-Marxists love feasting in times of plague

As any true leftists who preach in support of the masses but in fact truly look down on them, the Democrats just love throwing “feasts in time of plague” – it makes them feel important and that they are more than the public, and that sometimes uneasy feeling is generously justified by their feeling of self-righteousness, which is usually through the roof.

With senile and Sleepy Joe Biden already well settled in as an occupant of the White House, the leftists seem to delude themselves more and more, drunk on power, that they deserve impunity for indulging themselves, and that they may get away with just about anything.

Apparently, for the Democrats, it isn’t enough that former Democrat President Barack Obama threw a star-packed super lavish birthday bash for himself in his luxury mansion as the COVID-19 pandemic was surging due to the Indian delta variant.

Nor is it enough that the senile old man in the White House constantly switches off on vacations (probably because he just has to) regardless of how horrendous the crisis that he causes might be.

Nor is it enough that his deplorable veep Kamala is only good at laying low and hanging out on some meaningful foreign trips – be it to Central America, be it to Southeast Asia.

Nor is it enough for them that another of their gerontocrats, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, was booging with Stephen Colbert backstage over the weekend as a NYC concert crowd was sitting ducks about to be pummeled by a hurricane.

Lavish luxury Nappa Valley brunch with Pelosi for $29,000 per head

Enter leftist royalty Nancy Pelosi, who might be as bad as they get.

Showing absolute disdain for the suffering of Americans stuck in Afghanistan under the fist of the radical Islamist Taliban, with the potential to be slaughtered at any moment by ISIS or al-Qaeda, Pelosi has appeared at a very lavish fundraising brunch in Napa Valley in her home state of California, with tickets to the event costing up to $29,000.

A 19-second video clip reported by The Daily Mail shows the idyllic “look-at-us-super-rich-liberals-enjoying-ourselves” country-club style event.

It was filmed shortly before 11:30 am West Coast time.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line for the presidency if something happens to Sleepy Joe or Kamala, can be seen addressing the guests about the purposes of the fundraiser.

While all servants at the event are wearing masks, that isn’t the case with any of the wealthy guests – each of whom paid between $100 and $29,000 in donations to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in order to enjoy Pelosi’s highly joyful company.

That is against the backdrop of utter desperations for Americans stuck in Afghanistan because of those same Democrats, with one staffer from the US Embassy in Kabul telling NBC News that one better die from a Taliban bullet than try to make it through the pandemonium of Kabul airport to try to evacuate.

The liberal leftists love feasts in times of plague, and for them, it’s the greater the plague, the bigger the feast.