A Washington, DC court has sentenced Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the rightwing group Proud Boys, to more than 5 months in prison for burning a BLM banner – a sentence which seems extremely excessive considering how the Democrat-dominated state and local authorities, the media and the courts have been letting far-right Nazi criminals get away with large-scale looting and arson in many of America’s major cities.

It has long become clear to everybody that politicians from the leftist Democratic Party are tolerating the brutal violence committed by radical leftist and Marxist Nazi-like militia Antifa.

Antifa with its brazen thugs has been doing the Democrats’ dirty business, terrorizing and instilling fear across America, trying to cower true American patriots into submission.

Never mind the pillage and arson by Antifa & BLM…

In the summer of 2020, the so called protests after the death of George Floyd, turned into vicious riots by BLM and Antifa activists causing damages worth a whopping $2 billion – just how many of the violent rioters got sentenced and to what terms is a question worth really delving into.

If you happen to be an American patriot, however, a conservative or rightwing – not only does the mainstream media labels you “far-right” but apparently you’d get sentenced to prison for anything, no matter how minor.

A Washington court on Monday gave Enrique Tarrio a total of 300 days in prison, 90 of them suspended – for two “crimes”: setting on fire a banner of Black Lives Matter – the same group that spent months burning American cities last summer, and for bringing into DC a rifle magazine.

A total of 240 days from the sentence, including the 90 suspended days, plus a fine, are for unlawfully possessing the rifle magazine, while destroying the banner has been punished with 60 days in prison.

According to Judge Harold Cushenberry of DC Superior Court, the Proud Boys leader “crossed the line from peaceful protest” to “dangerous” as well as “potentially violent criminal conduct,” and did so “clearly, intentionally and proudly.”

One begs to wonder about the thousands of BLM and Antifa rioters and looters and their “conduct” which has been thousands of times more “violent” and “dangerous” – and not just during last summer’s arsons and pillaging throughout the nation but also every single day across America as the Marxist Nazis from Antifa keep showing up to harass, intimidate and beat up people for their beliefs.

The esteemed Judge Harold Cushenberry and so many others in position of tackling their crimes somehow seem to remain oblivious of that.

Same jail as the Jan. 6 defendants

Enrique Tarrio is expected to be sent to the same jail in Washington, DC where hundreds of Americans are being held over the January 6 events at the Capitol often without due process of law.

Tarrio himself didn’t partake in the January 6 protests in Washington because he was arrested a day earlier for the so-called “hate crime” of the burning of the BLM banner in December.

He was told to leave the city but it was during that arrest that the police found in his possession the rifle magazine.

Tarrio was slapped with a hefty sentence even though he admitted before the court that he made a “grave mistake” and his actions were “wrong.”

One wonders how many of the BLM and Antifa thugs have repented for any of the crimes they have committed against the American public.