BREAKING: What's happening here?! Biden refuses to extend Aug 31. Afghanistan pullout deadline under the dictate of medieval Islamist fanatic Taliban!

What the hell?!

It is beyond unbelievable what is happening with the United States and Afghanistan: America, the greatest power the world has ever known, is being pressured and coerced by a bunch of medieval ragtag Islamist fanatics, potentially leaving thousands of Americans and US allies all in harm’s way, behind enemy lines!

The president of the American republic – by default the most powerful man in the world – has his decisions dictated to him by the Taliban terrorists!

That would never have been the case – except it is a cowardly, incompetent, dishonest and increasingly senile leftist Democrat who occupies the White House…

Biden is under the dictate of the Taliban scum!

Against the backdrop of the entire catastrophe and humiliation he already caused to America with his Afghanistan pull out, Joe Biden is now going to dig deeper down the hole as he has apparently decided not to extend the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of all US forces – in spite of the fact that thousands and thousands of American citizens and US allies remain stuck there.

This much is clear from a Fox News report citing an anonymous US official familiar with the matter.

What’s making the matter worse is that Biden’s pussying-out decision comes after a Taliban spokesman just reiterated the “position” of the rag-wearing Islamist scum that he represents – namely, that an extension is “unacceptable” to them, red lines will be crossed and there will be consequences for America.

Imagine that!

The supposed leader of the greatest force in history is crawling back like a beaten dog with his tail between his hind legs – simply because some pathetic mountain terrorists tell him to.

But wait – it gets worse: the report reveals that William Burns, the Director of the CIA, flew off to Kabul on Monday and met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder and leader of the Taliban.

If that isn’t a sign of weakness – what is?

What did Burns have to discuss with the medieval scumbag Islamist?

Beg him to let a Biden-led America go in peace and into great power decline?!

To have to legitimatize a terrorist because you have put yourself in the position to have to do so – and to take his conditions even though your military can deal with the Islamist scum within a matter of hours if not minutes – that is beyond insane.

Even the Europeans are braver than Biden!

To have the Taliban stand up and state that they will “not accept” an extension – and to play along… apparently, Biden is on course not just to utterly humiliate America but to destroy it.

Even America’s European allies such as France and Germany, which are invariably weaker and have always been far more timid than America, have been pressuring Biden to extend the pullout deadline because of the evacuations.

Even the Europeans are unperturbed by the Taliban “red line”!

Perhaps if Biden should’ve been bending to anybody’s pressure at all, it should’ve been America’s allies!

But no!

Instead, he’s chosen to do what the Taliban terrorists are telling him to!

For any American patriot, or just for any decent, honest, freedom-loving person out there, it is simply unfathomable what’s been happening.

How far is Biden and his leftist Marxist gang of an administration going to go?

Why this horrifying desire to humiliate and destroy America?

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