Senile Democrat President Joe Biden has caused an unfathomable mess in Afghanistan – wiping out 20 years of progress made in the war on terror in just a few days.

And, yet, while Biden has proven to be beyond abysmal, in the sheer 7 months since occupying the White House, his pathetic veep Kamala Harris is in a league of her own when it comes to incompetence, refusing to own up to her mistakes, and even pretending that there have been no mistakes.

So much so that covering Kamala’s public appearances is more than disheartening – regardless of how many elephants might there be in the room, she’d pretend the room is fully empty and filled just with rosy sunshine that she would like to see – making up your own reality is a defining feature of leftists and Marxists and might as well be borderline schizophrenia.

Christmas shopping advice from Kamala

As part of her visit to Singapore on Monday, Kamala addressed first a roundtable of business leaders and then gave a foreign policy speech, and in neither of those did she mention the catastrophic Afghanistan pullout and the completely botched evacuation.

During the roundtable, a concerned Kamala encouraged parents to buy now the Christmas presents for their children because, in her words, the COVID-19 pandemic plus climate change are contributing to supply chain issues.

She went on discussing in detail how sea-level rise is threatening port infrastructure, not to mention “stronger typhoons”, which “have disrupted shipping lanes.”

Scolding China while ignoring Afghanistan

Harris, who is on her second foreign trip, this time to Singapore and Vietnam, after her first completely useless trip to Central America earlier this year, also scolded China for its territorial expansions in the South China Sea.

She declared America’s support for its allies in the region against the encroachments carried out by communist China – yet, she pretended Afghanistan doesn’t exist.

That was also the case in a major foreign policy speech she gave in Singapore later on Monday.

Kamala berated the People’s Republic of China for continuing to “coerce, to intimidate,” and make territorial claims “to the vast majority of the South China Sea.”

The speech in question was apparently designed to reiterate America’s commitment to supporting its allies throughout the Indo-Pacific region vis-à-vis China’s aggressive actions – in fact, that was Harris’ sharpest rebuke of Beijing to date.

However, her failure to mention Afghanistan at all in the speech hardly left great impressions, conveying an ostrich-like approach of burying her head in the sand until the outrage around the Afghan quagmire somehow dies down.

Harris was asked about Afghanistan in the Q&A sessions after the speech – big surprise! – and what she commented there was that the US is focused on the evacuation, and that – as it is exiting “one region”, America will “continue to advance” its interests in “other regions, including this region.”

It is needless to say that after the disastrous development in Afghanistan, America’s allies in the Indo-Pacific region would think twice before trusting whatever comes out of the mouths of Sleepy Joe and Kamala – and it is US credibility and world peace on the line because of them.