If you are holding a high political office and get exposed as a sexual predator, it might be best to go away quietly to save yourself greater and greater embarrassment by which you’d end up being remembered.

What if you were a sex predator and wouldn’t shut up?!

Not Andrew Cuomo, the notorious Democrat governor of New York, who just hasn’t been able to shut up even though it was his own – the office of fellow Democrat Letitia James, the New York Attorney General – that exposed him for sexually harassing at least 11 different women since 2013.

So this isn’t some ill-minded political witch hunt from across the aisle – Cuomo has been going around groping women – so much so that even the typically outrageously hypocritical Democratic Party has refused to defend him.

The outgoing NY governor denied any wrongdoing for weeks and months, and only resigned after it became clear that he was about to be impeached and removed from office.

Yet, he’s kept making these sorrowful, pretentious video addresses explaining himself, and mostly refusing to own up to his sexual misconduct.

On Monday, his last day before getting replaced by New York’s Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a barely remorseful Cuomo released yet another such video address – instead of just going down and away silently to reduce the shame he’s brought upon himself.

Choking back his tears, Cuomo slammed thanked New Yorkers for having “trusted” him during the COVID-19 pandemic, and used his catchphrase on himself, for having to be “New York tough.”

Cuomo used his final address as governor to assault fellow Democrat, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, arguing that candidate Eric Adams, who will most probably replace De Blasio in November, will give NYC residents hope for the future with “a new philosophy and competence.”

Firecracker from friendly fire

In his last video statement, the outgoing New York governor once again claimed he has fallen prey to a political attack – apparently, “friendly fire” from fellow Democrats.

He claimed that his own sexual harassment victims and the justice system are suffering “when government politicizes allegations” while “headlines condemn without facts.”

Cuomo then impudently argued that the report from the office of the NY Attorney General was “designed” as “a political firecracker on an explosive topic.”

In his words, the “firecracker” “worked” because it caused a “political and media stampede.”

However, Cuomo declared that he remains “confident” that “the truth will out in time.”

Four New York state countries have started to investigate Cuomo on criminal charges over the sexual harassment report – but he certainly has gotten away with a lot – especially when it comes to another huge scandal: his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state’s nursing homes, which has caused numerous preventable deaths.

Against that backdrop, Cuomo declared, “I gave it my best” as governor – and if that was his “best”, one may one dread imagining what his worst would be like.