It is certainly very hard to say for sure which senior member of the leftist Biden administration is the most obnoxious – but White House press secretary Jen Psaki certainly deserves to make at least the top three.

Considering the abysmal cognitive condition of 78-year-old Democrat President Joe Biden and the growing leftist radicalism of his gang of aides, it is little wonder that Psaki has hardly ever given an informative and honest answer to journalistic questions.

How do you dare ask ‘irresponsible’ questions?

That has been the case even when taking into account the fact that, with very few exceptions, the mainstream media are overwhelmingly leftist propaganda machines, extremely friendly to the repugnant Biden administration.

But whenever Psaki happens to be asked an inconvenient question – of the “truth hurts” type – she tends to just lose it and start fuming.

That was the case on Monday when Biden’s seemingly highly incompetent press secretary berated viciously Fox News journalist Peter Doocy for posing a question about the thousands and thousands of American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan.

As Doocy dared ask if Biden is actually aware – to the extent that he might actually be aware of anything in his condition – that most criticism about his Afghanistan fiasco stems from the utterly botched evacuation – Psaki did indeed lose it.

She viciously lashed out against the journalist calling him “irresponsible” for using the word “stranded” – because for the Biden administration apparently neither the truth, nor free journalism exists.

And when you combine the two – ask real, hard questions about the reality – that’s an actual death sentence to the leftist administration’s made-up, delusional narrative – about Afghanistan, the evacuation, and pretty much everything else.

So instead of addressing the inconvenient question head-on, as any sane, decent, honest American would expect, Psaki claimed that the US citizens still left in Afghanistan “are not” stranded.

Blatant lie

Which is, of course, clearly not the case judging from thousands of reports of international media and even the mainstream propaganda leftist media in the United States – not to mention the actual messages from the “stranded” US citizens.

Especially gut wrenching is the case of a single American woman who told Fox News she is in hiding simply because she has no way of getting to Kabul airport to evacuate – she has to pass through dozens of Taliban checkpoints to get there, and as a single woman she isn’t allowed to walk around without a male escort – as per the barbaric, early medial norms of the radical Islamist fanatics that are the Taliban.

Instead of admitting to the plight of the Americans left in Afghanistan caused single-handedly by the disastrous incompetence of the semi-conscious Sleepy Joe Biden and his aides, Psaki went on a rant on how every US citizen will eventually be evacuated, how the US government under Biden is keeping in touch with them all, and so on.

Psaki’s lie that there aren’t any stranded Americans in Kabul is so blatant that even the leftist propaganda machine that is CNN has called upon it, with its commentators, however, still seeking to offer a watering-down explanation – about the meaning of the word “stranded,” the wider context of the wording, etc.

So by now, it isn’t just unbelievable that the most powerful nation on earth, the USA, ended up where it is – with thousands of Americans stranded under the Islamist murderers – but it is even more unbelievable that the Biden administration is shamelessly lying about it.