By now any patriotic American is aware of the threat posed to the United States by the liberal leftists and Marxists from the Democratic Party – and especially from the so-called “progressivists” who seek to dismantle the nation completely and replace it with a totalitarian Marxist dictatorship of the worst kind imaginable.

They are striving to achieve their Marxist totalitarianist anti-utopia, in which they will be royalties drowning in luxury while the “masses” they actually deeply despise will worship them unconditionally – and will be brainwashed into doing so much more efficiently than the Soviets or the Maoists or the Nazis ever managed to force their own masses – simply thanks to their perfidious alliance with Big Tech and the deep state.

Bring in as many Third World people as possible

One of the main ways, however, in which the Marxist radicals thrive – such as the infamous, pathetic Democrat Rep. of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – is by letting as many non-Americans from Third World countries enter and settle in the United States as soon as possible.

This strategy of changing rapidly the makeup of America’s population has manifested itself in particular in the completely open border with Mexico under the Biden administration, with more than 200,000 illegal immigrants from Latin America arriving freely into the United States every month.

The strategy is brilliant because it has manifold effects.

The tsunami of foreigners brings in many criminals which start terrorizing law-abiding regular Americans.

The latter become depressed and feel powerless as it turns out that the former have more rights than they do.

The newcomers are nowhere near having the same kind of political culture as Americans do – the kind that cherishes democracy and freedom –and are therefore not willing to defend such ideals, and are easily manipulated by the likes of AOC.

Their diversity worsens the sectarian conflicts in American society because they get stoked by the leftists.

Last but not least, the newcomers ended up naturalized and have the right to vote – and might end up voting in bulk for the Democrats.

This is in theory what the likes of AOC are hoping to achieve fast in order to subvert today’s American republic in full, overturn it, and establish a Marxist totalitarian tyranny.

But the Latin American illegal immigrants aren’t enough for them – plus there has to be a silver lining in Joe Biden’s utter catastrophe in Afghanistan – unless it wasn’t a catastrophe but a deliberate plan to humiliate America because everything can be expected from the Marxist thugs these days.

200,000 – and that’s the “rock bottom”

That is why, apparently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that the Biden administration “must” resettle at least 200,000 Afghans in the US.

Of course, the progressivist radicals would try to hijack the need to save from the Taliban those Afghans who worked for the United States in Afghanistan – just in order to swell the number of Third World foreigners settling in America as soon as possible.

Not just that – AOC argued that 200,000 is the “rock bottom” – so a lot more Afghans “must” be granted “Special Immigrant Visas” – which are presently set at 34,500.

There has been a motion in the House to increase that number by 8,000, which is yet to be voted upon by the Senate.

But AOC wants hundreds of thousands more because – why not!

And if there aren’t enough Afghans who actually helped the US in the past 20 years and deserve SIVs – so be it, we’ll invent them – as the good old Marxist communist method goes.

There isn’t enough proletariat?

We’ll invent it in order to have a revolution of the proletariat.

There aren’t enough anti-fascist fighters?

We’ll invent them and proclaim them heroes.

Whatever is needed to bend reality to you.

Of course, in the end, reality comes back and bites you.

But for the time being the likes of AOC are going strong and trying to bring in as many non-Americans from Third World countries as possible.

After all, those wretched folks would be the easiest to manipulate and the AOC gang will be their wokeist, transgenderist royalties.