California’s corrupt, incompetent, and highly conceited leftist ruling establishment is seemingly getting scared to death that the pathetic Democrat governor of the state, Gavin Newsom, will be kicked out the door by the disgruntled voters in the recall vote on September 14.

And that he might be replaced by a real American patriot and a true conservative who actually has morals and values – such as Larry Elder.

The sheer prospect must be extremely scary to Newsom’s buddies – including his personal friend, the leftist empress of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

So much so that the leftist establishment has mobilized its propaganda media to focus all fire on Elder, the Republican frontrunner to unseat Newsom.

Isn’t it idiotic?

That is how The Los Angeles Times, the West Coast evil twin of the no less evil Marxist propaganda machine that is The New York Times, has sunken so low as to declare Larry Elder, an outspoken black conservative, to be a “white supremacist.”

Actually, the more precise – and even more shameful quote is, “the black face of white supremacy.”

The ridiculous label invested by the West Coast leftist talking heads only comes to show that the Democrats are so cheeky in their Marxist feudalism that they consider all non-white Americans to be part of their domains.

As Sleepy Joe Biden moronically put it during one of the moments in which he was sort-of conscious during his campaign – if you are black and not voting for me, then you aren’t black.

In this particular case, you have the LA Times accuse American patriot and conservative Larry Elder of being something – and hardly anybody in today’s America is that – simply because he’s dared as a black man to be outside of the Democrats’ nasty feudal domain.

And simply because he is threatening to unseat their guy.

That’s all.

Never mind that he isn’t a “white supremacist”, never mind the ludicrous proposition that he is “the black face of white supremacy” – the leftist propaganda machines that are the mainstream media have forgotten truth, morals, and objectivity a very, very long time ago – when they sold their souls to the Satan of Marxism.

Crack investigative team found Elder was a white supremacist for decades

Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson, who hosts the most-watched political show in America, has been quick to expose the idiocy of The Los Angeles Times.

He did so by using a long and elaborate metaphor to underscore the absurdity that is the claim about Elder’s “white supremacy.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, only 48.8% of the California voters would like Newsom to stay in office, while Elder has the support of almost 20% of the voters to succeed him.

Under the recall vote rules, that means that “Larry elder could actually win,” Tucker Carlson said, adding that, this is why it is “no wonder the LA Times is so upset.”

Carlson then made a mockery out of the LA Times’ “crack investigative team” dispatched “to discover” that Elder has “secretly been a white supremacist” for many, many decades.

Elder himself recently told Fox News that he “anticipated” the sort of made-up insults against him, his race and his conservative values would start pouring in at some point – something which he described as the “politics of personal destruction.”

The liberal leftist and Marxist clique trying to overtake and destroy America has no shame and no stopping.

Even if Elder gets to unseat Newsom – or especially if he does – prepare for more such nasty racially-degrading assaults.

Because that’s what the left is best at, and also all that it can come up with.