Apparently out of their minds due to their leader Joe Biden’s spectacular fiasco in Afghanistan, the increasingly radicalizing liberal leftists are turning rabid and starting to spew out all kinds of desperate nonsense – even by their own practically non-existent standards for morals and objectivity.

Trump is worse than al-Qaeda. Ha-ha.

The latest example of a seemingly embarrassed and desperate leftist going berserk out of powerlessness has become David Rothkopf, a vile vocal defender of the Biden administration, who donated more than $3,000 to Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020.

Rothkopf is the CEO of a firm called The Rothkopf Group, a consultancy, and a columnist for the leftist dumpster known as The Daily Beast.

There is hardly better evidence of Rothkopf’s closeness to the Biden gang than the fact that his nasty leftist tweets get retweeted on a regular basis by Ron Klain, the White House Chief of Staff.

In a recent tweet, however, Rothkopf demonstrated that he is losing it – as the contents of the post indicate, over the Afghanistan catastrophe caused by his favorite Biden.

Thus, the liberal leftist pundit wrote that “all of” the Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters “in the world” combined “do not pose” the kind of “threat to the United States” which “Trump or Trumpist extremists do.”

And then Rothkopf has the obnoxiousness to add, “Let’s maintain our perspective.”

Sure, let’s.

If you are not one of them, if you are to disagree with them, if you dare so much as raise your eyebrows at their pathetic tirades, the liberal leftist and Marxist Democrats, the wannabe absolute totalitarians that they are, just go right ahead and start hating your guts.

Never mind that you are a human being and an American citizen with exactly this much right of the freedom of speech and thought and assembly as they are.

Not to them you aren’t.

And if you dare even further to tackle them, to counteract in any way, then they would want nothing short of your destruction – you’d be slandered, dehumanized, de-platformed, canceled – whatever means are there to destroy you politically – and personally.

Such as making you out to be worse than al-Qaeda and the Taliban, actual terrorists who have killed thousands of Americans.

And to say that of a legitimately elected American president – who, unlike Sleepy Joe Biden’s high dubious 2020 “election” – won fair and square by the will of the people back in 2016.

And to style all those tens of millions of Trump voters “extremists” – that means that the only extremist around is the person throwing such unfounded offenses.

Rothkopf’s Twitter sewage

This isn’t the first time that vicious leftist wannabe totalitarian David Rothkopf has attacked American patriots, Republicans and conservatives.

Earlier this year, Rothkopf called the GOP a “party of thugs, terrorists, racists and dopes.”

Both Biden’s chief of staff Klain and Rothkopf worked in the Clinton administration, Fox News points out.

Thus, in the first 93 days of Biden’s incompetent administration, the former retweeted the latter a total of 36 times, according to Politico, roughly once every three days.

Rothkopf’s leftist sewage on Twitter is also popular for retweeting with a number of other senior officials from the Biden administration.

So the more absurd the propaganda spewed out by the likes of Rothkopf becomes, the clearer it becomes that the liberal leftist establishment is getting desperate – and so early into Biden’s term.