When is this humiliation and disgrace for America going to end?

It hasn’t been enough for Joe Biden to cancel all of America’s progress from its 20-year-long war and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, and to surrender to the murderous radical Islamist Taliban who helped the al-Qaeda terrorist network kill Americans.

And to do that leaving dozens of thousands of American citizens and US allies from other Western countries and from Afghanistan alike trapped behind enemy lines.

And to do all of that on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC.

No, that hasn’t been enough – so now Biden has succumbed even lower, too low even for his corrupt, incompetent and politically wretched bunch – he has started petty haggling with the Taliban criminals over the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of American forces.

Keeping the deadline for fear for angering the Taliban

Speaking in a delayed and much anticipated appearance late on Tuesday, Biden made it clear that he wants to keep the August 31 deadline almost at any cost, and vowed to do so if the Taliban allow free passage to Kabul airport for Westerners and Afghans eligible for evacuation.

That came against the backdrop of the Taliban reiterating their insistence that the US gets out of their newly conquered country by August 31, and threatening consequences; and hours after the Taliban reportedly started to block passage to the airport in Kabul for Afghan nationals.

Biden also revealed that a total of 70,700 people were airlifted out of Afghanistan between August 14 and August 24 – with the rush becoming particularly frantic in the past few days, apparently for fear of angering the Taliban by overstaying to rescue those who aren’t eager to be tortured, raped, and murdered under their early medieval rule.

If somebody with no prior knowledge of Earth’s affairs would drop down from space right now, and tune in to some of the White House briefings, they’d easily get the impression that the rag-wearing Taliban primitives are the greatest power on the planet, calling all the shots, and America is led by a senile grandpa peeing himself in fear from any sulky grimace on their bearded faces.

On Tuesday, Sleepy Joe did mention shyly that he asked his administration’s officials to draw up “contingency plans” in the event the US troops protecting the airport in Kabul had to stay longer.

It’s all up to the Taliban, you know

Biden had no shame in standing and declaring that “the completion” of the evacuation and pullout by August 31 “depends upon the Taliban continuing to cooperate” by allowing access to the airport and “no disruptions to our operations.”

So the ragtag medieval relics have the upper hand above the United States commanded by Joe Biden, this much becomes clear.

As a typical leftist weakling, Biden also said that “each day of operations” is bringing “added risk to our troops.”

He might have forgotten that hundreds of thousands of American troops have served in Afghanistan fighting precisely the Taliban fanatics that he now seeks to placate, that American forces have been under plenty of risks in the country, and have coped successfully.

Of course, Biden might as well be right – for the troops to be successful at any operation, they need competent leadership, and he’s been quick to prove himself an abysmal commander-in-chief – more like a “surrenderer-in-chief” as President Donald Trump’s new PAC ad correctly styled him.

Watching the Biden administration tiptoe around the Taliban, trying not to hurt their feelings – as though they are some misguided wokeist, transgenderist youth from the Pacific Northwest – has already become even more painful to watch than watching the actual footage from outside the airport in Kabul.

All thanks to Joe Biden and his leftism-plagued gang.