VIDEO: Have you seen Trump's new ad? Biden hit hard with the truth about the Afghanistan catastrophe - and everything else!

“Save America,” the political action committee of President Donald Trump, has released a stupefyingly harsh but completely truthful political ad entitled “Surrenderer-in-Chief” exposing the abject failures of Democrat President Joe Biden and his administration on Afghanistan and other key issues.

The “Surrenderer-in-chief” ad is so brutally honest and efficient at the same time that conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza shared it on Rumble with a caption that it is “devastating” and “will end Biden’s whole career.”

The Surrenderer-in-Chief

The ad is overwhelmingly focused on the horrifying and utterly humiliating disaster that Biden has caused for America and its allies with his Afghanistan pullout – surrendering the country in the hands of the radical Islamist Taliban and their terrorist friends from al-Qaeda right on the eve of the 20th anniversary since the 9/11 attacks.

The humiliation that has ripped apart America’s credibility as the greatest power on earth has been exacerbated tremendously by the botched last-minute evacuation of tens of thousands of US citizens and US allies through the airport in Kabul besieged by the Taliban extremists.

With Americans and the entire world watch in disbelief and horror as the crisis is far from over – not to mention its political ramifications that will likely last decades – there is no better term to describe Joe Biden than the title of President Donald Trump’s new ad.

The “commander-in-chief” of the United States and by extension the “leader” of the Free World has turned into nothing else but a “surrenderer-in-chief.”

The 90-second ad starts with Biden declaring that “America is back”, an ill-advised claim from the radicalizing left that under Trump the United States held back from its international alliances and the world stage – with cannot be further from the truth.

Right after that, the ad shows one of Biden’s many “senior moments” in which he falls down climbing the stair of Air Force 1.

The beginning of Trump’s new ad throws in moments from media reports mentioning the spiking inflation rate, the collapsing of the southern border due to the giant surge of illegal immigrants, the skyrocketing of COVID-19 infections, and a gay wedding cartoon, before starting to show fallacious statements from Biden and other officials on Afghanistan – and gut-wrenching footage from the disaster in the country.

Biden is seen stating in July that it is “highly unlikely” that the Taliban will overrun Afghanistan and start owning everything once again – and how he was proven terribly wrong just weeks later.

A Chinese-Taliban alliance in the making is also showcased, as is Kamala Harris’ repellant nervous, guilty-of-incompetence chuckle.

One TV anchor can be heard wondering how Biden managed to get Afghanistan “so wrong.”

There is also an excerpt from an interview with Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he admits that the Taliban are in control, and the America practically has to ask them for a permission for the stranded US citizens to leave.

There’s also a quote from Biden saying he doesn’t care if you think that he is “Satan reincarnated,” and another senile, “senior moment” from just a couple of days ago, in which he forgot the name of his own FEMA chief standing next to him.

It’s the Taliban who’s back, not America

The ad is filled with images of suffering in Afghanistan caused by Biden’s pullout and of rejoicing Islamist terrorists.

In its statement on the ad launch, Trump’s PAC “Save America” declared that Biden “lied” to the US and the world by stating that “America is back.”

Instead, what he did is surrender to the Taliban and leave “Americans behind to die Afghanistan,” and instead of America, it’s the Taliban “who is back.”

Trump’s PAC also emphasized that the media have refused to blame Biden for what he’s caused – little surprise considering that the mainstream media are almost entirely leftist and Marxist propaganda machines.

However, the people will hold Biden responsible, the Save America PAC concludes.

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